Perfumer Christèle Jacquemin:

The fragrance ECHOES OF SILENCE is inspired by photographs taken in Art Nouveau style buildings in the Murcia region where I lived seventeen years. Off to satisfy my desire to travel and put an alienating environment at a distance, I felt again under the grip of slow deconstruction I knew so well, and from which I freed myself thanks to a long personal development process.

Back in France, I translated into scent the transition from taking refuge in the past to living a blossoming present.

Echoes of Silence fragrance notes

    • Artichoke, Mastic, Tonka bean, Cinnamon tree leaf, Holy stick fruit, Lemon, Lemon tree leaf, Litsea cubeba, Rose, Rhododendron leaf, Rosewood leaf, Spearmint, Turmeric

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The array of exotic notes in the pyramid leaves little doubt as to the singular nature of this composition. Thus prepared as I was, the dry, minty-balsamic scent still came as a surprise: this is a “green freshie” unlike any I’ve smelled before, seemingly devoid of—but in no need of—any classical perfumery structure. I find Echoes of Silence appealing in an uningratiating way, even if wanting for warmer weather than I had upon trying it. While I t’s certainly not for everyone, if you’re open to its herb-forest charms, then it only has to be for you.
26th May 2023