Eau Svelte fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus notes
  • Heart

    • rose, hyacinth, lily of the valley
  • Base

    • cedarwood, musk

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This stuff still exists?? I forgot all about it, until I scrolled through the Dior products looking for something else and saw these bottles. Eau Svelte arrived on the beauty scene with a lot of hype, as part of a "body treatment" routine. I remember that was one of the first French cellulite-reducing products to hit America, although I'm sure I bought mine in Europe somewhere, because I didn't ever look for replacements.

I don't think I expected miracles. I just liked the way they felt on tanned skin after a long swim. The fragrance is a completely pleasant, nondescript, sporty "Eau Fraiche." I wish I remembered more, but I don't think there's anything to remember.
22nd February 2016
Nice citrus with something floral, sporty, quite a unisex body fragrance, good for after shower, to be safely used by both women and men. Very fresh opening, later that freshness unfortunately disappears, leaving some kind of 'oily' note. I wish it smelt more like the opening note all the way. Not very long lasting, which may be a good thing in this situation.
11th April 2010

On my third bottle. It is my staple in the summer. Generously sprayed after the shower. I would classify it as a citrusy floral, but am too inexperienced to identify it more specifically. There is definitely a sort of blanket of elegance feeling to it. Fresh elegance. Nothing pretentious. Something you'd wear when you're going out to a fine restaurant during a seaside vacation. Pleasantly complex and inoffensive.
29th March 2010
After the fruity, floral opening Svelte turns soft, pleasant and close to the skin for quite some time. I think men who like floral but wouldn't dare to go for, could give this one a try. Just wait for Svelte to subside. No this is not a masculine body mist (are there any out there?), it is just pleasant and a bit up-lifting.
20th September 2009
Love this smell! It's not complicated, but it has a lot of personality and selfconfidens. It is both sweet and frech and is a little bit mysterious! Have never found the perfume, but adore the deodorant and the body treatment fragans. Is a fan since ten years!
14th January 2006