Reorchestrated and relaunched in 2017.

Eau Sauvage Parfum (original) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot
  • Heart

    • myrrh
  • Base

    • vetiver

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Aromatic sweet herbal myrrh. More full bodied than the original. Classically masculine. Good longevity. Solid fragrance, hard not to love.
5th October 2019

I own both this and the 2017 version and this one just edges it for my pick. Slightly more darker and mysterious.

I do get the rubber vibe but for me its in a good way.

Update: I was at a local shop and saw this sitting on the shelf, I immediately bought it! I managed to get a good deal also. I now have 2 bottles in my collection and boy am i happy!

17th July 2019

I find it very deep very dark and rich. I feel like it's a niche fragrance. pity it is so rare to find now ...
Unique and sophisticated it's also expressed by his bottle. Pure class!
14th July 2019
For those who prefer Glee Sings the Beatles to Rubber Soul.

6th June 2019
Starts off lemony and somewhat smokey-animalic. Very much old-school/masculine with some modern sweetness, but not much. Still feels mature. The drydown loses the citrus but pushes forward with an earthy-animalic smell that also has a dull sweetness that you can only smell away from your skin. I find that the further into the drydown it becomes less old-school and can pass for a modern scent.

I get excellent performance. Lasts and projects all day.
13th December 2018
A better blended Santos by Cartier. It smells almost like a flanker.
29th July 2018
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