Reviews of Eau Sauvage Parfum (2017 version) by Christian Dior

Old-school barbershop in the same vibe as Acqua di Parma Colonia and Penhaligon’s Sartorial. The lemon opening is a bit brutal but it softens into a warm spiciness, ever so slightly powdery and soapy as it dries down. It’s quite ‘classy Grandpa-ish’ - distinguished, formal, but warm inside. An ideal scent for a tweed jacket-and-tie lunch in your eighties. Just can’t see myself reaching for all the often for a few more years yet.
6th February 2023
The citrus really helps this version out by lifting the composition, and giving a little breathing room to the other notes. And I do mean little, as this still wears pretty heavy.

The 2012 version wears thicker and heavier, and is the more formal of the two. This is perfect for office in the fall through early spring, but in heat and humidity this can be a real choker.

I've never worn more than 3 sprays, and the performance is phenomenal. 12 hours later I'm still getting steady wafts.

20th October 2022

I tried and originally was thinking not special or unique but after a few wears i was convinced as others that this is both complex and wearable in various scenarios. One thing I believe worth mentioning, and yes its my interpration only, I get a distinct Fahrenheit feel after the initial top notes dissipate somewhat. Lovely in any case and I feel it is not for casual wear less you are enamored and don't give a flip.
4th July 2022
What a beautifully balanced and masterfully blended fragrance. It's wonderful: creamy aromatic citrus that is clean and dreamy. Starts beautifully and remains exceptional. Worth every penny
24th June 2022
Take the Citrus start reminscent of the Original EDT. Drop the Florals and add the Root Beer of the 2012 as a backdrop. Give it an elegant drydown to an excellent contemporary cleaned up Vetiver and a touch of ISOeSuperCedar.
Result is remarkable and proves a distinctive scent.

Nice flanker.
21st October 2021
I own the 2012 version and have a sample of the 2017 version. They're very similar. The new version does have a closer resemblance to Eau Sauvage EDT (1966) but both parfum offerings smell almost the same to me. The 2017 is easier to wear in warmer weather in my opinion. Anyone who owns the 2012 bottle and is hesitant to buy the 2017 version should go ahead and buy it. The reformulation seems minimal.
19th June 2021
Fresh, immensely virile, exotic. Perfect for sultry climate yet tempered weather. A fragrance with its own marked temperament, something at same time gentlemanly and dandy, in a nutshell a temperamental piece of olfactory craftsmanship by the master perfumer François Demachy. The former declares that on this creation,
by which he wished to highlight the authenticity of the ingredients, he aimed to create a rounder version of the legendary Eau Sauvage cologne, quite close to the original signature but with a brand new reinforced strenght and warmth. Demachy conjoins in here two olfactory ages (and two olfactive genres) by creating a loyal perfum version which, yet preserving the citric watery virile (vaguely wild) spirit of the vintage (mostly focused on fizzy lemon and airy lavender), finally adds depth and intensity by the super resinous note of elemi (combined with ambergris, musk and tonka bean), providing warmth and semi-oriental roundness. Haitian vetiver (fresh and earthy, with its "breath of freedom") represents the core and the soul of the olfactory fatigue, a dreamy exotic musky vetiver (with all its charge of "far lands" charme and virility) perfectly linked with citrus, labdanum and resins. Elemi essential oil is in here another absolute protagonist (perfectly linked with vetiver, another complex affair) with its complex aroma of lemon, green notes, piquant spices and something resinous conjuring more than vaguely the note of frankincense (as ideally combined with something balsamic and woody). A tad of spices (mostly cinnamon), green patterns and aromatics complete the supreme balance of this deep, masculine, earthy/rooty, fresh/warm piece of exotic virility. Due to this association between citric top notes, cinnamon and resinous heavier basic elements with a citric vibe I tend to mentally associate this Dior-Parfum to the more floral vintage D&G Pour Homme (green/spicy citric top and a deeper dry down with depth - provided by tonka bean and tobacco - and a citric tone). The spicier Miller Harris Vetiver Insolent (with its resinous haitian vetiver) is another fragrance jumping on mind. Excellent longevity, with moderate sillage. A all year around fragrance, super classy and versatile. Rarely I've received more compliments by wearing a perfume.
19th May 2021
Oh me oh my! This is one of the best fragrances I have ever had the pleasure of wearing! Just wonderful!

A nice citrus-opening, drying-down to a beautifully smoothly-blended, heavenly scent, that illicits smiles and compliments from all around! Very nice, subtle texture and development. What I love the most is that I can still smell it on myself for several hours later, and I smell SO good...

Excellent longevity, and fantastic sillage! The projection/sillage is subtle, but strong and steady. Not over-the-top, in-your-face strong - but just perfect.

I wonder what the EDT smells like, but even more so, I wonder what the earlier 2012 version smelled like... I would be amazed if they're as good as this.
This is probably in my all-time top-5 fragrances, along with Aventus and Oud Wood. Totally worth the $130 I shelled out for this (already dreaming of getting another bottle, before this gets impossible to find)
8th May 2020
Smells a lot like the original except this seems to have a bit more citrus in this.Very nice.
14th February 2020
Just a rock solid and well crafted longer wear and cold weather flanker for fans of the original.

Big caveat - this must be tested on skin. Like with many resins, the aniseed elements of the Elemi were overpowering on a tester but turned to a bright, uplifting resinous green on my skin and helped bring out the candied lemon edge to the opening.

The overall feel to this compared to the EDT is that they're Irish Twins - as expected, the Parfum brings a density and richness the EDT lacks, even though it is an objectively bright citric scent. In addition to the EDT feeling more translucent, it also seems to have more nuance, liveliness and artistry, so I do prefer it a touch more.

Having said that, I'm far more likely to wear the Parfum due to its exceptional staying power. There's no need to spray heavily, so it represents some serious value. Would probably be cloying in the height of summer, but that's why you have the EDT. Thumbs up.
29th January 2020
Fresh and masculine

Out of the 60 bottles i own this one performs the best for me. I can smell it all day, the projection is beast.

I am not sure if i go nose blind with my other big hitter fragrances but this one just seems to cut through the air and perfom the best.

Which is really good cause i absolutely love the smell of this. Luckily i have managed to find a 2012 bottle which i shall have soon! I can't wait to compare them.


Have received the 2012 version and it only slightly edges this one for top place. Both are great!


1st June 2019
I get that many people associate this with citrus but to me, the star of the show is the elemi in the base which comes off as a waxy, green-amber resin. Very interesting note, like absinthe, similar to the effect of something like the licorice/anise note in Lolita Lempicka au Masculine. Not saying it smells like that but it just has something of the same feel. Very aromatic and kinda minty.

This comes off as very mature and formal but could be worn in any climate except maybe extreme heat as the projection is heavy. Longevity is also excellent.
18th April 2019
Opens up very bright citrus, and woody earthy. Doesn't really change much, but that is not a bad thing.... Coz this is really nice and classy with a lil old school vibe.
Gets a little creamy, but very nice throughout.

Scent 8.9- 10
Longevity 9.5- 10
Sillage 8.0- 10

Overall a really solid nice fragrance
1st February 2019
I'm angry at dior for reformulating the original version. But this version is not bad either. the problem with this fragrance is when you have tried the 2012 version (which is richer, deeper with this quality of myrrh which gave it a niche vibe) you will find the 2017 version a bit boring and ordinary. For someone who has not tried the 2012 version and who loves this type of fragrance, the 2017 version is certainly a winner.

NB: the performances of this version is less powerful than that of the 2012 version.
21st November 2018
I bought this pretty much on a whim, knowing broadly what I was getting into from the EDT. I've quickly come to appreciate it, and/but the similarities to Pour Monsieur EDP have occasioned an extended period of testing and comparison, not to mention the thread I started on this.

I tend to see ESP and PMP as very similar; really the parfum versions of two of the most prominent masculine chypres. The thread, though, suggests that most do not see that much of a similarity. Investigating this has taken me to the present limits of my descriptive capabilities when it comes to perfume.

So, as best as I can manage it, despite an overall similarity of effect, PMP certainly has more of the "furniture polish" accord, whereas ESP is fresher, with more prominent citrus, and more of a resinous, chewy and textured conclusion. This is not surprising given the presence of vetiver and elemi in ESP; compared to nutmeg, heavier vanilla, and what I think must be sandalwood in PMP.

The difference, then, to use an analogy, is like visiting a stately home: PMP is what you smell indoors, the result of well-cared for interiors. ESP is a walk in the grounds, more outdoorsy and rougher, in the spirit of that "dirty citrus" that we read so much about. Both have excellent duration and sillage, but all in all, right now I am favouring Eau Sauvage for its all-round excellence and clarity of accord. Very versatile and a mark of good taste (if I say so myself).
2nd September 2018
Here is a fragrance I don't ever see becoming dated or redundant and to me this could well be a masterpiece. Firstly the smell itself is citric, neo classical, almost botanical, with a good dose of vetiver in the dry down. Dior have taken an old idea and modernised it. The added note of elemi has elevated things and kept it a sort of fresh mix closer to the original eau sauvage, modern yet classical and grown up and mature. I personally find this version more fresh and wearable year round but the old mix should never be forgotten, especially as a winter/autumn scent. Longivity is fabulous ..a good whole day with plenty of projection. I asked my girlfriend what she thought and she really enjoys the dry down after the first half hour, and I agree..the vetiver never becomes too dry or cloying because of the elemi keeping it moist and slightly sweet. This is a real gift for the 30+ plus crowd from dior and demachy, dior have done it again.. like so many times before they have proven that you don't have to pay stupid money for elegance and creativity.
2nd August 2018
A nice green citrus. Not a million miles from the original Eau Sauvage but with much better performance. I'm at the stage now where I own in excess of 75 full bottles so I really have to be blown away to warrant a purchase. While this is good, it's not great.
27th March 2018
Absolute masterpiece . Smells very similiar to the 2012 Version but is more fresh and versatile than the vintage version. Demachy smoothed out the notes to make it more mass appealing. The longevity is still very good 10-12 hours on my skin.
10th October 2017
This fragrance is actually true to it's name, and actually resembles the original Eau Sauvage EDT, in a Parfum concentration.

Congratulations to Francois Demachy, and Dior, on constructing a well executed omage to the original legend.

Excellent longevity, with moderate sillage.

Amazingly, Demachy has managed to make this 2017 version smell like both the 2012 version (with relentless, persistent myrrh) as well as smelling more true to the original "dirty" citrus of the iconic Eau Sauvage EDT.

More wearable, and versatile than the 2012 version, yet retaining many facets that make that fragrance so iconic.
This is a fragrance with depth, and character.

Congratulations, Dior, on your first quality fragrance in some time. Keep it up, please.
14th September 2017