A reorchestrated version of Eau Sauvage Parfum originally launched in 2012. The new version is designed to be closer to the original 1966 scent.

Eau Sauvage Parfum (2017 version) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cedrat, lemon, lavender
  • Heart

    • haitian vetiver
  • Base

    • elemi

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Old-school barbershop in the same vibe as Acqua di Parma Colonia and Penhaligon’s Sartorial. The lemon opening is a bit brutal but it softens into a warm spiciness, ever so slightly powdery and soapy as it dries down. It’s quite ‘classy Grandpa-ish’ - distinguished, formal, but warm inside. An ideal scent for a tweed jacket-and-tie lunch in your eighties. Just can’t see myself reaching for all the often for a few more years yet.
6th February 2023
The citrus really helps this version out by lifting the composition, and giving a little breathing room to the other notes. And I do mean little, as this still wears pretty heavy.

The 2012 version wears thicker and heavier, and is the more formal of the two. This is perfect for office in the fall through early spring, but in heat and humidity this can be a real choker.

I've never worn more than 3 sprays, and the performance is phenomenal. 12 hours later I'm still getting steady wafts.

20th October 2022

I tried and originally was thinking not special or unique but after a few wears i was convinced as others that this is both complex and wearable in various scenarios. One thing I believe worth mentioning, and yes its my interpration only, I get a distinct Fahrenheit feel after the initial top notes dissipate somewhat. Lovely in any case and I feel it is not for casual wear less you are enamored and don't give a flip.
4th July 2022
What a beautifully balanced and masterfully blended fragrance. It's wonderful: creamy aromatic citrus that is clean and dreamy. Starts beautifully and remains exceptional. Worth every penny
24th June 2022
Take the Citrus start reminscent of the Original EDT. Drop the Florals and add the Root Beer of the 2012 as a backdrop. Give it an elegant drydown to an excellent contemporary cleaned up Vetiver and a touch of ISOeSuperCedar.
Result is remarkable and proves a distinctive scent.

Nice flanker.
21st October 2021
I own the 2012 version and have a sample of the 2017 version. They're very similar. The new version does have a closer resemblance to Eau Sauvage EDT (1966) but both parfum offerings smell almost the same to me. The 2017 is easier to wear in warmer weather in my opinion. Anyone who owns the 2012 bottle and is hesitant to buy the 2017 version should go ahead and buy it. The reformulation seems minimal.
19th June 2021
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