Eau Sauvage Fraîcheur Cuir 
Christian Dior (2007)


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Eau Sauvage Fraîcheur Cuir by Christian Dior

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Eau Sauvage Fraîcheur Cuir is a men's fragrance launched in 2007 by Christian Dior

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Reviews of Eau Sauvage Fraîcheur Cuir by Christian Dior

There are 39 reviews of Eau Sauvage Fraîcheur Cuir by Christian Dior.

While hoping for leather, I found Eau Sauvage.

Save your currency, just buy Eau Sauvage. If you want leather with it, later with Iso-BBQ or whatever, surely Essential Molecules makes it.

I'll be looking for citrus leather from other sources.

4/10, Subjective based on name and expectations

From February, 2015:

Not for me. This is a musty old leather accompanied by a basic, and sort of dull lemon note. Overall, Fraicheur Cuir leaves a stuffy, kind of bland impression, and a more vibrant, robust execution of its theme can be found in Bel Ami by Hermes. I don't get the "Fraicheur" here, as it all smells a little stale to my nose. Not worth the high prices this discontinued flanker is now fetching, and you may want to look at the many other leather-with-citrus options available, such as Aqua di Parma's Colonia Intensa or Givenchy Gentleman.

Great fragrance for the warm Florida climate. A light leather "jacket" envelopes with some nice citrus. Longevity I'd above average for me, with soft sillage. I have been nursing this bottle for almost 10 years, with about 1/3rd left! So glad I purchased a full bottle.

The opening blast reminds me of the original with the lemon and hedione, and the fresh-herbal drydown, but on my skin it is thinner that the original. The leather that is added is light, smooth and soft and a bit flat.

The later stages see cedar added, but really no chypre-denoting mossy component, and it has little crispness or sharpness to it.

The sillage is moderate, the projection all right, and I get six hours of longevity on my skin.

On my skin this flanker lacks depth and a true chypre character. This thinned out and emasculated version might have been the early stages of the dilution and trivialisation of this originally great composition - LVMH tore its heart out well before IFRA. The rather anaemic leather veneer does not save it from slipping down into mediocrity. Not bad, not good. 2.5/5.

Was issued for a short while and then withdrawn for good reason. Generic Calone and Leather dolloped on top of such a beautiful perfume. Blasphemy!!
Take away the Oakmoss,bad enough, but bastardization destroys all that was grand about the original.
I owned it and sold it to someone who appreciates it's attempt to bridge to the original.

I have never been an enthusiastic fan of all Eau Sauvage versions and flankers, I only love the vintage classic Eau Sauvage and the recent Extreme version from 2010. This Fraicheur Cuir is a rare and apparently rather neglected flanker which I barely heard about sometimes in then past, I assume also because it was a discontinued limited edition, and now that I got a bottle of it, I can see why it wasn't apparently that successful. In fact, for being released in 2007, it smells extremely, amazingly close to the vintage version of classic Eau Sauvage, just – as the name says – with an elegant shade of thin, dry leather. That's it, so the name is perfectly fit: it's Eau Sauvage at its best, it's fresh (with a slight, almost unperceivable but well-fitting sort of watery-ozonic vibe at first), and it has leather. All in the most respectable quality you can imagine. As simple as it gets: bracing and pungent at first, slightly more herbal than classic Eau Sauvage maybe (L'Homme de Grès kind of vibrant, pungent green bitterness), gently surrounded by a dry, dark, mannered and austere frame of dry leather, just tinged with a hint of powderiness (lavender, I assume), distantly reminding of some leathery feminine chypres. Simple, but fantastic. An amazing time capsule with a modern vibe, probably too elegantly nostalgic to find its way in nowadays' market, and a precious and sophisticated homage to Dior's golden era. Quite worth the price.


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