Eau Sauvage Cologne fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, mandarin, bitter grapefruit
  • Heart

    • galbanum, hedione, pink pepper
  • Base

    • vetiver

Latest Reviews of Eau Sauvage Cologne

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Bitter, sour, barber shop, citrus opening. There is something about it that clicks for me. I enjoy this. I believe I would enjoy this on my husband too, if he wore fragrance regularly.

Hedione and pink pepper tame the galbanum. The latter of which can oft times irritate the h*ll out of me. Slight rosy, flowery, and a bit of green follows. The green reminds me of fresh mown grass. There is a bit of stalk, crushed leaves of green, too.

Bright vetiver moves in. Later, there is the lightest hint of sugar - powdered sugar. I find this frag rather androgynous...

...a greenish-vanilla accord, even later. Interesting.
9th March 2019
Good...a solid citrus-centered fragrance with above average longevity and projection. The citrus notes are bright, vibrant, and natural. They have a realistic smell to them and comprise the majority of the scent. Cologne is mostly linear until it reaches finality in the base--a light vetiver that's just enough to keep it on a masculine plane while providing some backbone. This is a nice flanker, imo, and very different from the original classic as it lacks all of its herbal, floral, and musky components and instead focuses on the citrus notes. It's very similar in style to Dior Homme Cologne, and I'd really be just as happy wearing either one. The white and clear bottle looks very nice in person too (as do all the other Eau Sauvage bottles). From what I understand, this has been discontinued for sale in the United States, though still in production overseas. Thumbs up, final rating 8/10. Add half a point if you're a big citrus fan.
22nd June 2018

As far as colognes go, this is a nice twist with good longevity. The citruses in the top are very natural and after they fade you have petitgrain with a nice grassy Vetiver in the background, with a light touch of galbanum to enhance the Vetiver grass. Pink pepper adds depth.

Wasn't a fan when I wore it the first handful of times, but now having revisited it. I can appreciate it without getting too excited.
15th July 2016
Its hard to imagine how a sharp and penetrating material like grapefruit mercaptan, which I guess is being used here, could possibly be balanced in a harmonious accord.
Even such a talented perfumer as François Demachy with a strong track record - J'Adore, the Ungaro trilogy and with a lot of experience on Dior flankers, couldn't pull off the feat of taming this sulphurous beast of a note.

ES Cologne is a fine job of above average quality - as you would expect from Dior, and in the manner of the moment; but at the end of the day I can't say its good because it hurts my nose.


21st June 2015