Eau Sauvage 100% Glaçon 
Christian Dior (2001)


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Eau Sauvage 100% Glaçon by Christian Dior

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Means '100% Icicle'. This Summer version of the classic Dior scent has the same composition as the original, but with enhanced top notes.

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Reviews of Eau Sauvage 100% Glaçon by Christian Dior

There are 2 reviews of Eau Sauvage 100% Glaçon by Christian Dior.

Released in 2001 as a limited edition summer scent. Difficult to find in shops, sometimes a few pop up on eBay. There's surprisingly little information to be found on this Eau Sauvage flanker. Only one review here on Basenotes before I wrote this one. Bottle sizes at the time of release are unknown. I've only come across 200ml/6.7oz bottles so far. Half decent pictures of the frosted glass bottle and its semi-transparent box are few and far between.

That's all well and groovy, but how does it smell? Eau Sauvage 100% Glaçon is a fresher interpretation of classic Eau Sauvage brought about by the addition of menthol in its formula. Opens with a blast of mentholated citrus and then quickly settles into familiar vintage Eau Sauvage territory. This one still contains a healthy dose of oakmoss in its formula. Very nice. A great addition to the wardrobe of an Eau Sauvage lover IMO.

Smells just like Eau Sauvage & this is a good thing. Eau Sauvage is a classic and IMO is very well suited for the summer months. This version when sprayed on feels like you've left the bottle in the frrrreeeeeezer for a spell......VERY COOLING & REFRESHING & does live up to it's name. If you're a fan of the original try this (if you can find it) you won't be disappointed.

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