Eau Sacrée fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Frankincense
  • Heart

    • Olibanum, Patchouli, Rose
  • Base

    • Myrrh, Musk, Amber, Vetiver, Spices

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Latest Reviews of Eau Sacrée

I'm a sucker for a good incense fragrance, and Eau Sacrée is that. But this is not as strictly spiritual as Heeley's puritanical PR suggests. Absent Cardinal's rose and white linen, Eau Sacrée's oriental/chypre hybrid suggests a little juicy profanity as it dies down. No, it's not animalic—please, this is Heeley—but the pleasures lurking beneath the frankincense aren't all so high-minded. And this, my friends, is a good thing for those of us not in the clergy.
13th April 2022
An extremely realistic church-incense. A timeless scent built around the traditional incense notes of labdanum, oilbanum and myrrh. An air of lightness and purity is portrayed by a note of fresh, clean linen. The association of musk, patchouli, vetiver and rose, imparts this perfume with mysticism and a rare and contemporary elegance. The scent reminds of a young and attractive priest is walking through the aisle, a rosary around his neck, a stack of bibles under his arm, immaculately clean robes rustling softly every step.
15th November 2020

Deep, layered, high quality, could be labeled "sexy" and "feminine," but seems a little old to me. And I'm old! Not really an incense fragrance, there's a lot of rose in here.
9th October 2019
I really like the incense scent Cardinal, however I find it a hard wear.
Eau Sacree opens with the camphoured scent of Rosemary and then blends the Incense with a canvas of Rose scented bread. The resulting drydown accord is as delicious as Phoenicia.
Easy,elegant and excellent.
10th November 2018
The review below says it all for me. While similar to Cardinal and Avignon to me, I find this to be nicer and deeper than the others. More of an authentic (not trying to hard) feel. Glad I bought a FB!
23rd October 2018
This is a beautiful uplifting incense scent. Lots of frankincense, with spices (sage and cardamom I think) and something gently warm underneath that might be woods or amber. One tiny spray from a sample on my wrist lasted hours and wafted up gently. To me it feels a bit deeper than Cardinal, with less sparkly aldehydes and more spice and woods, and even a little bit of sweetness from the myrrh. It is serenity in a bottle.
19th July 2018
If you were to pick up a beautiful fabric, say for a tailored suit, the luxury of it would strike you immediately. That is how it is with Eau Sacrée. Supreme quality ingredients in balance with good longevity. The last thing to note in this review is that the fragrance has a distinct character and that's really the only determination left to you because everything else about this is best foot forward with no uncertainty about it. On the subject of character of the fragrance, there is a distinct identity to the wearer of this. I agree with the reviewer who likened it to monastic order. Try some. Ask yourself: there's a person here, is he the person I wish to be?
10th July 2018
Eau Sacree is superb. I have come to recognize that frankincense and olibanum are at the top of my fragrance enjoyment list, and Eau Sacree has hit the perfect "sweet spot" for me. Obviously, it is not a sweet fragrance, I just mean it hits every possible mark of enjoyment for me from a fragrance. Resinous and woody just doesn't do this beautiful fragrance justice! I honestly love everything about it!!! The mixture of notes is blended perfectly, and I don't think I could enjoy another fragrance any more than I am this one. A must have for me!
11th March 2018
A Moonlit Lane by John Atkinson Grimshaw 1874
22nd November 2017
A beautiful frankincense and myrrh incense scent. This is the aroma of ancient hallways deep inside the carved stone and darkened wood enclave of an ancient Catholic monastic order. There is slight warmth from rose, amber and musk. The frankincense and myrrh while dark are alive with spice that is impossible to identify (cumin, tarragon, sage, basil???). There is a very serious tone to the incense but also an uplifting naturalness and leafy mossy base. I would expect this seriousness from Comme des Garçons as a follow up to Incense Series: Avignon, but am surprised that Heely has created something of this type. Happy to have it. Well done!
2nd November 2016