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Bulgari (2005)

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Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge by Bulgari

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Reviews of Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge by Bulgari

There are 61 reviews of Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge by Bulgari.

Smells like beautiful mediterranean gardens,takes you to summer.a lovely soft spicy green scent.the fig in this fragrance is designed with harmony in mind,despite maintaining the feauture role it's namesake reminds me a little of Philosykos,but without the coconut creamyness, and this has more of a green, fresh fig feel to it imo.

Opening with vibrant top notes of citrus zest and pink pepper,it scent expresses a velvety green fig accord that softens into red tea notes,finishing with warm and nutty notes of wood and walunt. the fragrance is well composed and is deliciously can be worn day/night,business/ casual,year round (though winter is not the best season for it).easily a unisex fragrance.

My decant smelled of red licorice and berries in the vial.
I'm so glad I put it on though.
It starts with a sweetened berry candy scent, quickly developing into a medium depth pepper berry, fruit jam-citrus and fig. I get a rounded floral scent, nothing strong just notable. It's rich and nutty as well, slightly tannic and a little sharp. Roiboos shines through with its branchy, grounded shrub scent-earthy and herbal. It's an odd scent, and a little confounding as I can't quite identify the appeal. Perhaps it's that Roiboos isn't tea at all, there's absolutely no Camellia Sinensis present. Roiboos is an herbaceous plant that's brewed into a tisane. It's quite a different flavor profile from tea. But, I like it, a lot.

Sharp, ‘aquatic' tea with a twist of lime and green fig that smells like those overly synthetic hand wash aromas that drive one to wash again with something else just to get the darn stuff off. Sure, it's cool and summery, but regrettably on the cheap.

This fragrance was so good, perfect and spot on when I sprayed it that I almost bought a bottle directly. But then, after ten minutes, it was nearly gone. Oh, the disappointment. It's perfect, for 10 minutes.

This is the first tea fragrance that I've tried that GENUINELY smells like a cup of tea. I could bathe in it- but on me, it fades quickly. The moment it hits my skin it blooms into its namesake rooibos (or even black) tea, creamy and rich, and develops into mild nuttiness. I'll be hunting down a full sized bottle soon
Edit: I'm head over heels in love. With this fragrance. True, it's sweet. True, it's not very lasting. But for the three to five hours that it's obvious, it is a warm, deeply milk-and-sugar laden steaming cup of rooibos tea. I even bought a full sized bottle, and the bottle itself seems high quality. I know Au Thé Vert is the favorite- but this is becoming my fall signature.

Eau Parfumme Eau The Rouge by Bvlgari is absolutely amazing. It is very gentle and calming. At first spray I smell the tea, yes beautiful and wonderful tea. The dry down is a mild fig with walnut and musk. The tea note lasts throughout the day even in the dry down. I could wear it every day.

Having tripped over a miniatures gift set of this fragrance in a local charity shop, I'm very pleasantly surprised - I enjoy simple, understated and unisex and this is such a relaxed, easy fragrance I'll be delighted to keep it around. I wasn't expecting the sweetness, but it's well tempered by the tannic edge to the tea and definitely puts the fragrance in the unique and characterful category. Lasting power is, as other reviewers have commented, a flaw.

I find this to be a comfort scent. I enjoy it enough to have purchased a backup bottle. I'm no good with notes, but what I experience here is smooth and comfortable in terms of temperature. This is neither a hot nor a cold scent, it's comfortable. This feels confident just as it is. I often wear this one to bed as it seems a very personal scent to me. I've not found anything even remotely like it.

My only beef is that longevity is not up to par.

I have had and used the fragrance for several years. I loved it from the first spritz and i still love it with passion.
It is definitely a feminine fragrance in my opinion, I cannot imagine a man to be able to pull it off, but you could never know for sure. For me it is a nice feminine fresh and energizing fragrance.
I enjoy it during the colder months, but adore it in the summer. I don't find it steamy at all during the hotter weather, it just lifts more in the air whereas during the colder months stays closer to your skin.
To me it is a fruity-nutty fresh smell of rooibos tea, semi-sweet, very long lasting, and without any bad development. It does develops from more fruity to more nutty, but in a very pleasant to my nose way.
If i have to have and use only two or three fragrances, this will be one of them for sure.

If you want rich, dark, concentrated tea, look no further, you can't get much more tea-like than this.

I thought I was smelling something by Demeter when I first tried Eau Parfumee au The Rouge. It was tea bags alright, a heady, thick aroma of a cup of tea, minus the milk and sugar.

Due to its strong tea note, it sways more to the masculine side of things, however I'm not saying that women can't wear this too. I'm not a big tea drinker, however I do find the scent somewhat pleasant, rich and energizing in a way.

Eau Parfumee au The Rouge is oriental in some instances, especially with the additives of fig and musk. Despite the fact that this fragrance is encouraged to be worn in the Summer months, I tend not to agree. I do believe that this fragrance could literally become too steamy and cloying in hot weather.

The lasting strength of this fragrance is pretty poor unfortunately, but yet what can you expect from a cologne? Perhaps layering this fragrance with other scents, like I do with Eau Parfumee au The Blanc, could improve its longevity and make it less linear. Either way it's worth a try.

Very unique and distinctive scent here! Slightly sweet, a little sharp and synthetic, but certainly interesting. Spicy in a clean sort of way, almost like catnip. I would probably wear this if it didn't give me such a headache.

On application one is greeted with the slightly sharp yet musty, molasses sweetness of dried fig. But remember, this IS Bulgari. Their hallmark sense of restraint is at work so the fig is not overly potent and its sweetness is dark and mellow. The use of fig is also a wonderful alternative to a citrus top note which would seem the likely default pairing in tea based fragrances.
After just a few minutes the fig recedes and takes its place under the emerging and eventually dominant scent of tea. This isn't a note laden fragrance. As others have mentioned you probably won't pick out other notes. But the fig and tea create a counterpoint that work individually and harmoniously. Each note is distinguishable yet complex enough to create something quite exotic. Also, this is a quiet scent, so one shouldn't expect to make a bold, public statement by wearing it.
Finally, to the question other reviewers have posed: is Rouge a unisex scent or really just feminine? I actually bought Rouge on a whim for my wife assuming it was feminine. She saw it listed on BN as unisex, felt it leaned toward being masculine and suggested I try it. Rouge seems to really straddle the gender fence. On one hand, the quiet, ethereal nature of the fragrance, along with its underlying sweetness, sings in a feminine voice. However, the sweetness is not stereotypically feminine -the tea is not overtly floral and the fig is not sugary- therefore "ethereal" could easily become contemplative and its singing voice, a light baroque tenor. With that in mind, I can imagine wearing this scent for my own pleasure on a quiet day off.

This is definitely a feminine scent. I really wanted to like it because it smells good, but I just don't think I can pull it off. Maybe I'll try to give it to one of my female friends. Longevity on me was amazing. Went strong all day and I could still smell it on my clothes the next.

Edit: I think I've come to appreciate the unisex appeal. A great scent that I'll be making part of my rotation.

This is one memorable fragrance. I've honestly never smelled anything like it. Bursting out of the gate it is a blast of shrill, peppery bergamot -- but give it the benefit of the doubt! It quickly rounds down to (in my nose) a soft orange figgy lusciousness. A few minutes more and you'll find yourself standing over a steaming cup of freshly brewed nutty roiboos, its aroma wafting up and enveloping you in a warm coccoon. On drydown it wanders back into a creamy blend of peppery musk. It's stunning.

The only issue I have with it is, sadly, it has no staying power. The sillage when it's on is great but within 2-4 hours I'm reapplying. Oh, what I'd give for an EDP!

I've received compliments for fragrances before in my life but none compare to the ones I've received wearing this. I've had men turn in their tracks to ask me what I'm wearing and follow me around raving about how great I smell.

This (and Shalimar) are my two HG fragrances.

Try it!

I drink "red tea," but I don't really want to wear it. I also don't like fig notes, so this isn't something that appeals to me. After no more than about two hours, it is very weak. If you are a tea fragrance fan, you might want to try this, as it is natural smelling. I don't find it complex enough, though it is rich, for a while at least.

Glad this isn't popular, as it makes it cheap on ebay. I adore this as an everyday scent, comforting and safe to wear to the office.

I like this one much more than any other in the Bvlgari "tea" line. This is such a unique & comforting combination of red tea with sweet figs.

Oddly enough, I bought this for summer in an attempt to update my summer perfume wardrobe. But I wore it last night in the cold winter air and was astounded at how good it smelled on me. It was warm, comforting, slightly sweet, and very calming.

This makes a perfect everyday or office scent, especially in the winter. Lasted longer than I expected it to as well - a good five or six hours.


Pure and unsweetened Fig opens this unique scent
there's a another Fig fragrance i whould like to mention Acqua di Parma Fico di Amalfi but very different from each other Bulgari Rouge has more
of a grounded opening of Walnut and Ginger that is
missing from the note cards evokes the earthy side
of the Fig scent which Fico is more sweeter milkier
and smooth but unforntunaly a bit synthitic,
Rouge dries a bit peppery of the note of pink pepper
with an undertone of Green Tea The basenotes finishing which it's light and hard to detect, resin
is diluted deep basin musk i bearly notice; my nose can't seperate and idenify a lot of notes and this is one of them. anyway my verdict I whould like if it did'nt have the heavy walnut opening but otherwise it's a above average scent.

I would like to start by saying that i am a big fan of all Bulgari products. This one i got in a gift pack with the lotion, and after shave. to me, this is a floral, sweet, crisp, and light fragrance. The longevity is very spotty, and the projection is alright. The red tea and the pepper also play very important roles. It settles down form light and energetic to a more mellow, soothing, and relaxing tea scent. I like this line of products (au the rouge, blanc,and verte) and if you are into floral tea based scents, i think you will enjoy this. the longevity is one of the worst things about this scent however. This is definitely a unisex fragrance in my eyes, and is slightly on the feminine side, which i do not mind. Overall, i give this a solid 8 out of 10, and a thumbs up, which i don not give too often. DEFINITELY CHECK THIS ONE OUT. you will love it!! It is a great complement getter.

This is the most robust tea of the Bvlgari selections. I love the notes of African red tea, pepper with fig. It lasts for several hours on me. Definitely unisex. I wear it often and have received compliments.

Unique. A beautiful alternative to fresh, citrus summer fragrances. It is crisp enough to cut through humidity. The bergemont is light. I have never had the opportunity to smell Roiboos tea. I assumed it was similar to Egyptian karkadeh tea. Karkadeh is sweet but still a bit tart. The tea flavor in ATR is tart but not sweet. This was a pleasant surprise as I am not always in the mood for sweet smells. Enjoy!

This is a very nice frag.. From start its a burst of tea & fig! Thats all I really smell! This is by no means a bad thing, the fig is there from start to finish. As it dries down it becomes a lingering sweet scent with a fade of the tea lurking in the background. It last approximately 4 hours on me @ most.. If your spray on you shirt, you will smell it all day. 1 of the better tea offerings from Bulgari! Nice scent I give it 7.5/10

light & fresh ( l live in the turkish republic of northern cyprus ) so it needs to be ! should think it's a bit too feminine for a man even though it's unisex. quite lemony at first but sweetens down later. not at all long lasting on me & l dropped my spray on a marble floor & rendered it unusable. smashed the glass to get the scent out & filtered it into an empty floris glass splash bottle. it's quite hard to get scents here except at the airport- if they're not on strike - so l go over the border at the foot crossing into the greek side. there are 3 branches of debenhams where one can get most of the major brands. used to live in london where buying scent was a doddle. how one lives & learns !!!

This starts with a slightly peppered tea note that I really enjoy. I get no citrus whatsoever, just the tea note that eventually fades to virtually nothing. When I had thought to give up on this one, mysteriously as if out of nowhere the sweet fig notes come on with a vengence. The fig is neither overpowering nor offensive, but very sweet and very pleasant. I purchased this fragrance because I was interested in the heavy tea notes and mostly because I love fragrances with fig. This is as easily worn as a masculine fragrance as a feminine - don't let the pinkish tinted bottle fool you. Sillage is ok and longevity is fair. This one is safe to spray away as it is a lighter scent (summer frag for sure) and is very inoffensive. My only regret with this one is that it is only offered as an EDC - no option for purchasing an EDP or EDT.

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