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Bulgari (2003)

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Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc by Bulgari

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Reviews of Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc by Bulgari

Lightly musky (ambrette) white scent. Is it tea? I'm not getting much tea here, but hey, white tea actually smells mostly like hay to me, and this is more aromatic than that. It's very light and not very perceptible though - but II was trying a sample. Maybe you have to douse yourself in it to get more out of it.

Peppery, white musk, woods, and delicate generic flowers. A fresh, piping cup of gently scented white tea. It is a little sweet, yet also dry. Clean and linear, it is definitely safe for work. Au Thé Vert is more enjoyable, in my opinion.

a girl in a meadow by William Page Atkinson Wells 1905

Hmmm....compared to Bulgari's Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert, this one strikes me as a bit too sharp and leaning towards being a feminine scent.

The pepper in this one spikes up the white tea mystique in this one. I am also an avid tea drinker, and white tea has always struck me as smelling quite flowery compared to green and black teas.

Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc does capture the white tea sensation quite nicely, yet I imagine it's up to the wearer if he or she wants to sport this particular smell.

Tea notes are something im on a constant search for, and I blind bought this based on how much I love Au Thé Rouge. It doesn't have the same warm, brewed tea as ATR, but it certainly has the character (for a little while) of dry tea leaves. It isn't a head turner, but the gentle white musk and faintly dry leafiness is pleasant, and not too boring.

White tea, white pepper, and white musk: this is the fragrance equivalence of “white noise.” It's very light, but I don't find it “transparent.” I don't find it delicately nuanced as in several other light fragrances I've experienced–I simply find it quite light weight. I've worn it six or seven times, so perhaps I need to be more familiar with it–I know that Bvlgari Pour Homme originally fooled me into thinking it is lighter and of shorter duration than it actually is, but with au thè blanc, I'm not even suspecting: there's not very much aromatic substance in there. As for the accords: it's very clean and soft–a light tea and musk–and very Bvlgari. Bvlgari Eau Parfumée au thè blanc is an excellent light fragrance for very hot weather. It is sophisticated and light and it lasts for a really, really short time. I will continue wearing it, and I hope I find I'm wrong about its longevity–I like it except for that. If I'm not wrong, then I'll just have to make do with Bvlgari Pour Homme and Bvlgari Eau Parfumée au thè vert.
Originally submitted 11 February 2007, Taiwan

Smells like calcimine. As simple as that!Interesting, though!

As much as I love the house of Bvlgari (and Cavallier), I feel The Blanc is the most uninspired of the tea line. Smells like an average skin musk. It's not awful by any means, just doesn't intrigue me.

On first spray, I smelled almost nothing, but within 10 minutes, the fragrance started developing--a pleasant soapy, clean, white musk skin scent with a tea note. From previous wearings, I couldn't remember if the tea stayed longer in this one (in The Rouge and The Vert, the tea seems to fade really quickly). I was happy that the tea note stuck around most of the day, and have been wondering now how much this might resemble some of the Osmanthus fragrances I have been trying recently. The Blanc does not have any of the peachyness I smell in osmanthus, but the tea note is reminiscent of leather (which I also smell in osmanthus). The "whiteness" of the rest of the composition has a bit of a floral feel to it (also similar to osmanthus). It had a faint cinnamon candle wax note in the late drydown which is a disappointment--that particular note is not friendly for me.

The perfume equivalent of Robert Rauschenberg's all white paintings. Even without having looked at the pyramid I smelled white musk, some pepper and tea. Soft and clean and very calming. Warning: it's put me to sleep while wearing it to work.

Ah, a bit better than Bulgari pour homme from nose Cavallier ... but not by much. Instead of the muted parched peppery musk of pour homme, what you get in au The Blanc (aTB) is a fragrance built around white tea with that discreet Bulgari touch. Smoother, sweeter and less "leafy" than green tea, white tea is supposedly more nutritious and it's rendered well here. Preceeded by an extremely short lived, slightly sweet and herbal note of artemisia leaves rounded off by what seems like is a fleeting and juicy note of mandarin. Soon the fragrance settles down into the main accord of a musk and white tea accord smells nice enough with that "office cologne" quality about it. At times the accord smells a bit plastic, as if you are smelling a pot of boiling tea covered with a cellophane tape. About 5-6 hours later, a light ambergris note makes an appearance but its just there for a bad after taste.Try aTB for a decent exposition of a white tea note or if you want an "office cologne". But that bottle of au The Verte will look more enticing after you have had your fill of this demure yawn-inducing potion ..Rating: 6.25/10.0

Crushed stalks of dandelions + detergent. Not my favourite.

The combination of white musk and tea is great, but as with the others in the series, longevity is a huge problem. Hopefully some day Bulgari will see fit to make an extreme version of The Blanc.

Very innocent,clean and a little boring! Not bad for a casual Sunday afternoon...

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