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Bulgari (2003)

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Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc by Bulgari

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Reviews of Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc by Bulgari

There are 58 reviews of Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc by Bulgari.

Lightly musky (ambrette) white scent. Is it tea? I'm not getting much tea here, but hey, white tea actually smells mostly like hay to me, and this is more aromatic than that. It's very light and not very perceptible though - but II was trying a sample. Maybe you have to douse yourself in it to get more out of it.

Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc is
a simply perfect accord of light spices, green tea, soapy balsams and white musk. The latter is dreamy and ethereal (kind of victorian, as in a Doris Lessing romance), dominant on the side of a white tea-accord (tea note and soapy resins). A "white linen kind of" fragrance of left back languid english afternoons around the gardens of a royal court, a scent of far southern summers, rich of nostalgia and enchantment. A Jacques Cavallier's sleight of hand for Bvlgari Roma.

Peppery, white musk, woods, and delicate generic flowers. A fresh, piping cup of gently scented white tea. It is a little sweet, yet also dry. Clean and linear, it is definitely safe for work. Au Thé Vert is more enjoyable, in my opinion.

a girl in a meadow by William Page Atkinson Wells 1905

Thé Blanc is a perfect example of how to make a perfume that won't offend anyone, but that also isn't just boring or too mainstream.

It starts with vetiver and black pepper, quickly joined by green tea extract and a bit of sage. As the pepper fades, it gets a little soapy, but mostly just smells like a perfectly matched combination of vetiver, tea, and sage.

I think it works fine as a proper perfume, but it really shines most in its ancillary products, especially the bar soap. If forced to complain, I generally don't like green tea essence (this is one of the only scents I genuinely enjoy it in), and this may disappoint if you actually want a perfume that smells like tea. But I still say thumbs up, very much so.

Hmmm....compared to Bulgari's Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert, this one strikes me as a bit too sharp and leaning towards being a feminine scent.

The pepper in this one spikes up the white tea mystique in this one. I am also an avid tea drinker, and white tea has always struck me as smelling quite flowery compared to green and black teas.

Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc does capture the white tea sensation quite nicely, yet I imagine it's up to the wearer if he or she wants to sport this particular smell.

White tea is such a delicate, delectable treat. Drinking a freshly brewed cup can bring a smile to even the grumpiest of faces (mine, for example).

To be sure, Au the Blanc starts off pleasant enough-- slightly sweet/slightly musky. No discernible tea note, but maybe, I thought, it's not a literal interpretation.

Over time, though, a strong metallic/aquatic note began to take over and didn't give up until I washed it off-- 6 hours later. Very 90's unisex. Not for me.

Tea notes are something im on a constant search for, and I blind bought this based on how much I love Au Thé Rouge. It doesn't have the same warm, brewed tea as ATR, but it certainly has the character (for a little while) of dry tea leaves. It isn't a head turner, but the gentle white musk and faintly dry leafiness is pleasant, and not too boring.

Aah, this is interesting. It's very clean and very safe, but unlike its big older brother The Vert, the tea note here actually smells like real true honest-to-goodness tea. I don't know how they got that note so right but it smells a lot like my loose-leaf tea. That note comes out almost right away. I've tried a few fragrances with a tea note, but this is the one to get it right.

Pepper and artemisia are listed but i'm not getting much of either. The tea fades into white musk and ambrette, and it's a very soft and smooth accord. I get something vaguely floral in the middle too but haven't quite picked out what kind of floral--like an artificial hint of rose, perhaps.

The base of this is what Parfums de Nicolai - Mixte's base should have been: smooth and cozy. All in all I sort of prefer this over The Vert because there's no slight sour tone as it goes on but instead it gets cleaner. Lasts longer than the standard EDC, more like an EDT. Not a ton of longevity but a scent this clean and safe is more just for you and the people right by you anyway.

This eau is the epitome of fresh, and indeed unisex. A beautiful fragrance which, although subtle and light, has a lot of staying power for me. However, I find the musk overpowering all the other notes after about an hour. For fans of musk, this is a wonderful, light, all-purpose fragrance. For those who prefer a light scent without the musk, Bulgari's Green Tea is an excellent choice (and one of my personal favorite perfumes of all time).

Light and freshA perfumed water for summer - light, please, a bit of citrus in the top note and a delightful white tea note, with a touch of white pepper and a touch of white musk. Very ephemeral and gone after and hour - it is a perfumed water after all. Nice.

very nice, almost unisex.

If I cannot decide which fragrance I might want to wear, Thé Blanc might be the one. For me it is an unoffensive comfort scent that works well every time I wear it. Nothing special like Bulgari Black. Nothing sophisticated like some of my chypres. Just one of my goto scents for any occasion.

This is a nice light, almost unnoticeable fragrance. Yet it remains a fresh and clean scent.
Very fresh.

A unisex fragrance that in my view should be classified as a feminine.

At the beginning we have a dominance of Artemisia leaves, a delicate aroma, pleasant.

After about 15 minutes the heart notes begin to appear, where Artemisia decays (not completely) and white tea begins to dominate, accompanied by a very subtle white pepper, giving the scent a spicy and sweet tone. But it still remains a delicate fragrance.

At the base they list musk, but I did not feel even a little of it on my skin.

Projection? Almost zero, is a soft fragrance, delicate, which is close to the skin from start to finish

Longevity? 3 hours after using it, the smell practically disappeared.

This fragrance is really lovely and fresh. It's Summery and pretty without being overloaded by citrus notes.

My skin really soaks up these kinds of scents. Eau Parfumee au The Blanc sits on my skin like a lightly scented lotion, creamy and polite. It's very inoffensive and as I imagine, wonderful in the warmer weather.

Many say that this fragrance is soapy, and I somewhat agree, however I think it smells more like an expensive, soft, floral-scented shower cream. I also sense a creaminess that reminds me of icecream, however vanilla isn't presented here.

On my skin, Eau Parfumee au The Blanc is extremely feminine, however I would like to see how this fragrance wears on a man's skin. I do believe it has the opportunity to be masculine.

The muskiness in the drydown is very nice and subtle. I urge those that are afraid of a strong tea note or pepper note to not give this fragrance a miss. Those notes don't tend to dominate.

I'm not surprised to hear that Bvlgari has produced a shampoo and conditioner range using this scent. The scent is truly delightful. The lasting strength is good for a cologne concentration, and the sillage is fairly intimate. Overall a lovely unisex fragrance for the individual that doesn't like anything too 'perfumey' or strong

White tea, white pepper, and white musk: this is the fragrance equivalence of “white noise.” It's very light, but I don't find it “transparent.” I don't find it delicately nuanced as in several other light fragrances I've experienced–I simply find it quite light weight. I've worn it six or seven times, so perhaps I need to be more familiar with it–I know that Bvlgari Pour Homme originally fooled me into thinking it is lighter and of shorter duration than it actually is, but with au thè blanc, I'm not even suspecting: there's not very much aromatic substance in there. As for the accords: it's very clean and soft–a light tea and musk–and very Bvlgari. Bvlgari Eau Parfumée au thè blanc is an excellent light fragrance for very hot weather. It is sophisticated and light and it lasts for a really, really short time. I will continue wearing it, and I hope I find I'm wrong about its longevity–I like it except for that. If I'm not wrong, then I'll just have to make do with Bvlgari Pour Homme and Bvlgari Eau Parfumée au thè vert.
Originally submitted 11 February 2007, Taiwan

I find the blend of artemisia and white tea to be subtle but lovely. It only lasts 2 or 3 hours on me, which is unfortunately short. It would be a nice scent for the workplace.

Honestly, this one has been really hard for me to try and describe, probably because it's on the weak side. It starts out as an almost grassy aquatic, but with a honey-like sweetness that you only notice at the end of each sniff. The vague, transparent leafy-flowery musk that sets in is pretty gets my kudos over unisex scents that lean too far to one side or the other. While it doesn't smell like the original Bulgari Pour Homme per se, it's very similar in being a "stealth" scent, as someone recently commented in the forum. By the end, the leafy musk starts to pick up a bit of an overripe-flower edge, which I could do without, but it's not enough to annoy. It partly resembles the reedy or bamboo-y basenote that I like in Allure Edition Blanche, the new Guerlain Vetiver, or the new Eau Sauvage, but is slightly sweeter like AdP Colonia Intensa. I definitely recommend at least trying this stuff even though (or because?) I don't really know what it smells like. Just be prepared to apply a fair amount.

Despite being called White, it actually seems to have more color than the Green, though that isn't really saying much. And although it has more color, it has less actual scent. I used an entire sample and got very little out of this and I simply cannot recommend it for that reason. The Blanc is such an astonishing combination of dull and weak that you'll wish you wore something else about five minutes after you've applied it.

It is definitely a unisex smell but a more toward a guy scent because of the musk smell. it smells great though but i do not know how to explain it. It is very light and good for summer but noticeable when you walk into a small room. I would say the longevity is about 5 hours give or take. Great smell you should at least try this out sometime.

Smells like calcimine. As simple as that!Interesting, though!

I wear this on a day off at home but only occasionally to office. A great scent for relaxing and chilling out at home. Fresh and clean but not typical out of shower smelling. Distinctive but pleasant altogether, my husband really likes it on me. The top note strikes me as a little alcoholic but then fades off (rather quickly) into white tea, which remains until the end of the day. It remains in my hair too and when I get change into fresh clothing, the scent still remains on my dress/shirt.

As much as I love the house of Bvlgari (and Cavallier), I feel The Blanc is the most uninspired of the tea line. Smells like an average skin musk. It's not awful by any means, just doesn't intrigue me.

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