Eau Noire Cologne 
Christian Dior (2004)

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Eau Noire Cologne by Christian Dior

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Christian Dior
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Hedi Slimane
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Part of an exclusive collection of three scents [Eau Noire, Cologne Blanche and Bois D'Argent], designed by Hedi Slimane which are exclusive to Dior Homme outlets.

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Reviews of Eau Noire Cologne by Christian Dior

There are 75 reviews of Eau Noire Cologne by Christian Dior.

Eau Noire is mature, sophisticated, and exciting without being in your face or trailing off to pointlessness in a few hours. This isn't for everyone; it's not a catchy chart topping song that you hear everyday on the radio, but a song made for it's artistic elements. As the risk of sounding snobbish, this fragrance tells a story and one must be open minded to hear it-one must put in effort to understand the song rather than just hear a beat with some catchy words.

Eau Noire does open up with a very powerful herbal opening. The aromatic lavender carried by the immortelle which crisps and crackles in the air. It not synthetically sweet. The sweetness here is natural not like an ethyl maltol BR540, it's naturally sweet herbs. The additional coffe is just an undertone for all the notes. Fibally the scent starts to become sweeter with an almost licorice smell with the vanilla there. To me, It is a fougere/gourmand. You can wear it whenever you so desire.

This one fascinated me when I tried it. I generally don't much like immortelle, which can sometimes be stomach-churning for me, and I also don't gravitate much toward gourmand compositions. But there was an interesting balance here that pushed it right to the edge but kept it from going over. And there's an inherenet darkness to the composition that I enjoyed. But ultimately, it proved to be something of a curiosity that I liked to sample but could never actually bring myself to wear.

If you've ever smelled Immortelle you'll know what a beautiful smell it is: sweet, rich and roasted like fenugreek.
Eau Noire is basically Helichrysum opposed with lavenders - possibly oil and absolute - and there are herbs, licorice and violets, and other nuances to round it out.
This is posed on a base of amber, but most of these just modify the basic outline.
It's simple but beautiful.
If, like me, you thought Sables was the reference Helichrysum, you haven't tried Kurkdjian's garrigue fantasy, Eau Noire.

I don't much care for gourmands and I don't at all like the everlasting maple syrup character of over-loaded immortelle (vis a vis Sables). That said, Eau Noire comes real close to this point of no return and simply stops. I can't explain it, but the result, the space it occupies, its vibe... is unique, kind of dark, something I'd expect to be radiating off my favored tragically hip musicians & artists, and thereby fit for any of us average superstars as well.

I associate Eau Noire with a holiday nut roll; specifically, the dark filling which (in my family) usually means some dark nougatty combination of walnut, molasses, praline, etc. But Eau Noire's not just nut roll filling... there's dark spice, dark bitter chocolate, dark over-roasted ground coffee bean, and a little anise too. Come to think of it, I'd say it's a much more refined cousin to MPG Eau de Isles of sorts.

Tempered immortelle in a dark gourmand. I like.

Aromatic, spicy-sweet fragrance with a great green color, Eau Noire Cologne has some wonderful moments with licorice, lavender and coffee notes being the most pronounced.

There isn't any curry in this one per se, but I can see how some of the fragrance notes could create such a composite experience within Eau Noire. Curry proper is turmeric, chili powder, coriander, cumin, ginger and pepper; white thyme, sage, lavender, immortelle (fenugreek-like, not listed here), saffron (also not listed here), licorice, vanilla, cedarwood, leather and violet - in varying proportions - can easily result in a perceived curry-like finish that mimics the real ingredients listed above.

I personally don't smell it to the degree that some do. What I experience overall is warm spiciness, with a tobacco-like touch, lovely herbal lavender with licorice swirling about along with vanilla wrapped in a tasteful bit of leather. Classy!

Great scent that must be smelled to be truly understood.

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