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Eau Noble is a shared scent by Le Galion

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Reviews of Eau Noble by Le Galion

There are 5 reviews of Eau Noble by Le Galion.

I have the new modern version which is quite beautiful. On first application to your skin you get a blast of slightly sour lemon citrus mixed in with lots of warm moss. Out of this I can smell hints of bitter green and a slight woody sweetness. Soon after the lavender becomes apparent and mixes in very nicely with the other notes.

As time goes by you can smell wafts of jasmine which is very subtle and soon replaced by a musky leathery amber sweetness.

The first thing that strikes you when you first apply the scent is the sheer quality. It smells very chic and classy.

The scent is very aromatic and really blooms on your skin and starts to open up and weave a symphony of different notes even though it's tightly blended. The scent stays within arms length and lasts for about four hours before becoming a light sweet musky shell of it's former self. But for the sheer quality it's worth the ride!

This scent is a true homage to the old citrus aromatic chypre fragrance but spun in a modern way. Thumbs up!

I own a small vintage bottle of this one. If you enjoy woody citrus cyphres, jump on this. The opening citrus positively sparkles, before moving in a classic greenish herbal and woody direction with a clear, robust (real!) oakmoss backbone.

It commands respect, but isn't standoffish. It creates an impression of ease and competence. This is a formal, straightforward, traditional men's scent done just about perfectly. Big thumbs up.

I don't get any of the heart notes - this is not herby or floral at all in my book.

There are oranges and lemons, oakmoss and a lovely woody musk.

I was testing several fragrances along my arm and this shone out like a beacon.

Truly beautiful

Delicious lemony top which soon develops a grown up oakmoss bite. I own Le Galion Whip too. If I had to choose one I'd choose Whip (it has more going on) but I love them both.

Such an inconspicuous but beautiful offering from Le Galion! A heavenly fragrance that opens with a blast of freshness and develops into a beautiful and seamless cologne. The silage is modest and the longevity on my skin is approx. 4 hours. After that EN lingers on as a skin scent till it disappears 5 hours after application. For its brief journey EN does well but I would have expected a bit more from an eau de parfum especially of this price range. If ever Le Gelion decides to launch a concentré version of EN it would be great news.

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