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I get a basil/jasmine opening that is fairly generic and unexciting, quite fresh but on my skin overly synthetic. In the drydown a peachy fruitiness again is pleasant but unexciting. Not bad, but mediocre. Neutral indeed. Limited silage and projection, it lasts for three hours.
29th January 2014
Eau Mega is quite different to Flowerbomb, by the same house. Even though both fragrances are quite sweet, Flowerbomb tends to be sugary and candied, while Eau Mega is crisp and refreshing.

Everyone is mentioning a melon note, however when I first smelt Eau Mega, I immediately detected pear. The opening is a little similar to Champs Elysees by Guerlain, just not as strong and more watery.

The scent is certainly very pretty and great for Summer, however I believe that I would tire of this fragrance quickly. There's nothing overly outstanding about it. What makes it worse is that there has been a sudden boom of Summery, almost aquatic, light fruity scents on the market recently. I'm using the D&G Anthology Series as an example. There are some direct comparisons to L'Imperatrice, L'Amoureaux and La Lune in this fragrance.

When the initial refreshing pear note subsides in the opening, the basil appears alongside the peony and jasmine, which is an interestingly unique blend. The peony is not strong here thankfully, so the fragrance continues with its subtle and crisp quality.

Strangely enough I can only smell the lemon note in the drydown, which to my nose is mostly lemon and musk.

Eau Mega is nice. I wouldn't say that it's particularly green or floral, it kind of sits between being a fruity floral and an aquatic. My only gripes with Eau Mega is the ridiculous price and the clunky, impractical bottle which looks incredibly cheap and nasty in real life. The spray mechanism makes it very difficult to apply in a hurry, as I do most mornings.

The lasting strength also wasn't too impressive for the high price tag.

30th June 2011

So disappointing, this one. I totally agree with the previous reviewer, what I mostly got was heaps of melons thrown at me, in addition to an unpleasant synthetic fruity note that appeared more clearly in the drydown, could it be pear? Strangely, after a few hours it turned out very similar to Laura by Laura Biagiotti (which is pleasant enough but very tame). Could it be an aquatic note in combination with violet leaf?

Anyway, this is a fragrance that's the opposite of its name. Waste of time, waste of money.
18th December 2010
I find this very Calone-ish, aquatic-woody I suppose I'd define this. With a touch of melons and white florals thrown in in the dry down for good measure. It's light I suppose, but not very memorable. I rather like Flowerbomb so this was an apologetic disapointment for me,
15th September 2010