Eau Imaginaire : Île Pourpre fragrance notes

  • Head

    • shiso, angelica seed, incense, italian bergamot, ginger
  • Heart

    • black fig, fenugreek, davana, iris
  • Base

    • cedarwood, patchouli, cashmeran, ambroxan, ethyl laitone

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Latest Reviews of Eau Imaginaire : Île Pourpre

One of my favorites

A jammy fig, warmed by ginger and garnished with the intoxicating greenness of shiso. So many fig scents use their own leaves for their green note and I just can’t put into words how unique, beautiful and complimentary the choice of shiso leaf is here
6th September 2022
It's an unexpected, interesting take on fig. Very aromatic, even a little bit herbal, with lots of patchouli and generally dark background. Feels very "niche" in that it's not easily likeable, yet it's very interesting and compelling to the nose. I'm intrigued - but not in love.
14th January 2022

Sheer , ghostly and transparent...for me it was pretty much a skin scent after just a couple of minutes...it was kinda hard to smell while i was applying it....what i can smell is pretty good...get a slightly spicy fruit wine/punch with just a background trace of incense...deep and rich fruit...maybe a mix of fruit jam and liquor... some decent wood...if it wasn't for it being so weak i might have considered a bottle of this...
16th May 2020
This take on fig is intensely fruity with a kind of distant, aloof demeanor. It's not heavy, but it is cool, somewhat reminiscent of a deep, dark red wine.

Ultimately, it's one of those niche scents that is, well, properly niche; it isn't likely to inspire an ardorous response except for the few enthusiasts who are thrilled by its unusual take on an already somewhat unusual note.
8th September 2019
Delicate fruity perfume that is basically a skin scent 5 minutes after applying. It's blended very good and I really can't distinguish notes in particular other than it being fruity. The cool thing is that the fruits are not overly sweet so it's not your typical screechy fruity floral, everything is velvety smooth and transparent (maybe too transparent). I'm reminded of the dry down of Plum Japonaise, an EDC concentration of it. Sadly, after a few hours, what I only get are whispers of ambroxan.
23rd June 2019
Il Poupre is a mildly sweet, medium toned woods fragrance that has bits of fig, davana, iris, shiso, ginger, angelica with an ambroxan and cashmeran base to add warm cuddliness to the final impression. There is a large variety of various fragrant bits which form a complex but very generic smelling scent that lacks specific character, but is never offensive or unpleasant. This reminds me of the aroma of a freshly polished wooden cabinet that is pleasant but also not too,special. Il Poupre is a "jack of all trades and master of none" kind of generic unspecific woods tonal fragrance. Nice name, great bottle and a richly colored dark ruby purple scent that I really wish I could rave about, but, it doesn't really happen for me.
20th March 2017
I really like this house. This is only the third fragrance I have tried from them, but have yet to be disappointed. I got a sample of this one from Barneys in Vegas. It lasts for about 3 hours on me, but those 3 hours are pretty fantastic. I don't find very much evolution which is fine because I really dig the opening. I find it to be a mix of spice and black licorice with a smooth boozy undertone. It smells classy and elegant with enough youth for me to wear comfortably. Probably wouldn't buy a full bottle due to the longevity...though maybe I can talk myself into it.
2nd February 2017
The 'pyramid' looks frightening but really this is a more deeper, richer version of Dom Rosa from the same House -- substituting a fruity red wine for that one's 'champagne' notes.

A wonderful restrained woody accord [with hints of a sweet curry] permeate the base, which lasts for ages - on me anyway.

Expensive but wonderful-- especially for winter.
10th January 2017
For all of the notes listed in its pyramid, what I get from Ile Pourpre is fairly easy to explain: It smells like a spiced fruit punch. It's not as dark, or as heavy as I had imagined--in fact it's fresh. Its standout accord is the black fig, which to my nose resembles plum and is accented with ginger and angelica seed. If Tom Ford's Plum Japonais can be considered dark, syrupy, and somewhat obscured by spices, Ile Pourpre may be thought of as Plum Japonais brought into the light. While some shadows remain, the more syrupy aspect of Plum Japonais is replaced by a refreshing airiness, and the spices, rather than sitting on top of the fragrance, embellish its edges. As it dries down and settles into the base, some darker, woody tones emerge giving Ile Pourpre a kind of tranquil and composed conclusion. There is a lightness of weight to the composition that's very attractive, and makes it an easy, comfortable wear throughout the day. Unfortunately, its downside is performance, possessing both moderate projection and longevity. While I feel its subdued projection is an asset (I wouldn't want it to project any further), I'm not thrilled with the 4 to 5 hours of longevity I get from Ile Pourpre. Still, this one smells terrific, and I'm willing to overlook what I would consider the only flaw in an otherwise excellent fragrance. Overall, Ile Pourpre has a versatile feel, suited for days or nights, and wouldn't seem out of place being a little dressed up. Thumbs up and recommended for sampling, especially if you are considering something with fig or plum.
14th November 2016