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Very true classic cologne. Much like the original 4711, but richer also. This is Unisex, lovely and great anytime. It is light so splash or spray away.
10th November 2015
This is a very pleasant, easy to wear unisex fragrance. I own all three of the Les Eaux de Caron scents (Fraiche, Pure, and Forte), and like them all."Fraiche " is an effervescent, sharp, tangy lemon zest, -- yet is not even remotely similar to any of the cloying, dreaded lemon pledge scents. The fragrance is deepened with a dried apricot aroma, melded seamlessly with a light, mentholated cedar, with a touch of vetiver thrown in. It is fairly linear and has excellent lasting power.The opening has some similarity to the taste of a decent sour lemon drop, and from start to finish "Fraiche" evokes several themes of Caron's l'Anarchiste (which, despite some reports to the contrary, is nothing remotely like Cool Water, which I dislike immensely).
15th December 2009

An aromatic citrus with wood that sparkles without being overly sharp. A perfect daytime and 3-season fragrance.
8th March 2009
This unisex cologne along with eau pure and eau forte complete a triangle. Each offers a different interpretation of freshness and lightness with eau forte being the strongest of the three. I love the fresh citrus smell of eau fresh and I highly recommend it. The only complaint is that it does not last long. But I would not mind reapplying it again and again.
30th January 2005
Citrus-y fresh yes!, but Eau Fraiche has that soapy quality that I loathe in fragrances. I thought it would be a fair substitute for Eau Forte (which I loved, but could not find), but I was terribly mistaken. Eau Fraiche has an insipid note that I could not determine, but wish not to encounter again.
5th January 2003