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Sisley (1990)

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Eau du Soir by Sisley

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Eau du Soir is a women's perfume launched in 1990 by Sisley

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Reviews of Eau du Soir by Sisley

There are 35 reviews of Eau du Soir by Sisley.

Eau de Soir is a classical floral chypre that dials up oakmoss, herbs and juniper, shading the florals in verdant, dusty hues, with patchouli as the keystone. The patchouli in fact merges it all into a cohesive, discrete monolith of beauty, without it spiking outward and asserting itself.

While it lays on heavy in the opening (no complaint here), it does smooth out into elegant ripples, while still retaining this opulent, rich cloud for some time. Also for my fragrance enthusiasts who love to take the bitter with (or without) the sweet, there is this delicious sappy greenness in the heart, almost coniferous, as if the juniper is actually accompanied by spruce needles and resin. Combined with the jasmine and lily of the valley, we really reach a zenith of aromatic rapture before it settles into a sudsy, mossy base where the patchouli actually begins to open up to reveal its earthy character hours later.

Speaking of "aromatic", think of this a cousin to Aromatics Elixir, however while Elixir is dense and bewitching, Eau de Soir is more an extroverted showboat of luxuriance. Those who love Lauder for Men will also find Eau de Soir to be quite appealing (both share juniper berries, lily of the valley, jasmine, and bitter green notes) but not redundant. Each is colored with different tints and shades to elicit somewhat different responses from the olfactory receptors. In my humble opinion, all three belong in any die hard's collection.

Also, Luca Turin trashed it as a "cheap chypre," and while he and I agree at times, each time he trashes a scent, it's one for which I become absolutely smitten (see also Jean Couturier Coriandre, he eviscerates that one).

Mmmm! A mixed bag of notes, from all "walks of life". Citrus notes mixed with darker, old-style chypre tones. Lovely carnation here! The florals hover above the chypre notes of patchouli, oak moss, greenish juniper, and a toss of pepper mixed in... Notes here, move around, showing off their nuances and characteristics. But mostly, this is a chypre - a floral chypre. Later, labdanum really shines, with ylang ylang mixed into rose, not too far behind. I imagine this fragrance is more beautiful in cooler weather. EDS is classy, for lack of a better word.

It's a scent for grown-ups... I get a teeny bit of sweetness later on; from amber, or perhaps, musk. Even later, it develops a slight soap accord, in a good way. Notes blur to become even warmer and more mature... I get more bits of oak moss and juniper, as this wears on.

As a vintage Chypre fan and lover of cool green aldehydic fragrances, this is one of the few modern scents that I return to.The opening is very bright and sharp and a bit medicinal and I can see that some would find this off-putting but its totally my thing.Its fresh and clean and sparkling and initially quite strong but soon dries down to a woody,patchouli skin scent which is long-lasting.I don't get much floral apart from jasmine in the composition which I don't mind.I am sure there is Galbanum although its not listed in the notes.I am sure the current version does not now contain much real oakmoss and would love to smell the original formulation.
I love the bottle but wish the sculptural gold lid was at least metal rather than plastic.Suspect this was the case on earlier versions!

I admit that I subscribe to Sisley's monthly sample box and have received Eau du Soir a number of times over the past two years. It satisfies my itch to wear and try this again without a full bottle purchase. Deep and spicy and definitely not for the faint of heart. You need determination and a slight ego for the day to wear Eau du Soir.

Classic chypre. A very bitter floral with a vintage feel. Very good performances, but I wish it gave something, like powder or amber.

A weirdly irresistible chypre scent. EDS is a sexy fierce timeless vitage with a sense of femininity. A intriguing femme fatale in her sexy little black dress with deep hypnotic eyes. Hair up wisps falling softly around her face. This fragrance can be dangerous, aggressive and vulgar. Classic, daring, earthy, primal, deep, provocative, sultry, woody, tempting, instantly recognizable and strongly animalic.

The opening is spicy with citruse notes, while floral hearts of carnation, iris, rose, labdandum and jasmine evokes sensuality. Tempting patchouli, rich juniper and above all opulent oak moss enters a room with a sophisticated scent. It acts like a sensual love potion with a magical trail.it requires a sensual, tall, dark or brunette woman to wear this. For a confident woman who so attend to charm and seduceas it makes men turn their heads.

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