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Ooh. Hesperides. Ohh. Lemon. My friend, who gave me a sample, said this smells like sitting in a lemon grove. She was right. The best thing is, there is no sweetness in the base--no amber, no vanilla, nor any sweet spices--only cypress. As with any natural citrus, the lemon top note doesn't last as long as I want. The intelligent pairing with cypress, however, stretches that lemon aroma out as long as possible. It finally faded two hours later, which is pretty good for a true, sour lemon scent. This is lemon juice, not lemonade. It made me thirsty. I actually had to squeeze some lemons into ice water after this.
23rd February 2007
L'Eau d'Hadrien is guilty by association, a tragic victim of the contextual nature of scent perception. That overpowering, bitter cedrat and lemon oil scent has become so typical of "natural oil"-embellished household cleaners, detergents, furniture polishes and what have you, that the first whiff alone is enough to remind me of duties around the house I am little enamored of. Just what I need in a luxury fragrance. If we should ever be able to afford a cleaning lady, she'll be getting this for Christmas.
30th December 2006

Wonderful, as a citrus fan, it is one of my favorites along with Jean-Claude Ellena's Eau Bigarade. Fresh citrus top with a gentle, rounder base. Perfect for summer.
26th October 2006
boring nothing special,a classic summer fragrance for Nice.
9th October 2006
This begins like Lemon Pledge or some kind of floor cleaner, but give it time. The dry down is beautiful. This is a very neutral citrus. If I were to buy a bottle, it would probably replace my current "office" fragrance-- Bvlgari Extreme. I actually prefer Les Nuits d'Hadrien, however. It is stronger and sexier, as the name would indicate.
2nd September 2006
I bought a bottle of Hadrien Absolu blind. Not a good decision for me! As with nearly every Goutal I have sampled, it starts off with an incredibly harsh, bitter blast of topnotes. In this case, a very bitter citrus and wood smell. As it dries down it does soften, but the bitterness remains, and to that, arrives a musty, almost mildew-like smell. It lasts fairly well for a citrus scent, like 4-5 is an EDP after all. It projects way too much for my tastes, given what it is that it is projecting! Just for the record, I'm not commenting on the quality of the components or the composition here, just stating my experience and opinion. This is simply not my style of scent. If you like sharp, raw, and even bitter citrus scents, then check out Goutal's works. For a sweeter (and to my nose even more natural) take on the same raw sort of scent, try some of i Profumi di Firenze's fragrances, especially Costa Mediterranea.
29th July 2006
after a few years owning this fragrance and really mulling it over I have decided to give it a thumbs up. It is a bit like a lemon detergent at first spray, but the lemon smell is very natural, comparable to crown's "imperial" and the natural earthy tones on the drydown definatley save it, in fact more than save it, they make it a great fragrance.
14th June 2006
If you thinking of buying this. Buy the absolute version. It is much better. The only thing I like about this one is the name. Very classy.benb
18th May 2006
Thank you, Scentemental, for the great review and clarifications! I certainly can't add much to that except to say that I wore Eau d'Hadrien edt (in the "women's" bottle) last summer when it was the only fragrance I owned that I could bear in extreme heat and humidity. I would sleep in it, too. But I also wore it over the winter when I wanted a simple clean fragrance. I wouldn't have tried it except that Nordstrom didn't have Diorella and the SA steered me toward Eau d'Hadrien. Its simplicity is deceptive, as scentemenal noted, the whole is greater than its few parts. The woodsiness is lovely with the lemon.
26th April 2006
What follows is an attempt to sort out some of the confusion that seems to exist over the various incarnations of Annick Goutal's *Eau d'Hadrien* along with a review of *Eau d'Hadrien* and *Hadrien Absolu*:The men's EDT version is named *Eau d'Hadrien*The men's EDP version is named *Hadrien Absolu*The women's EDT version is named *Eau d'Hadrien*The women's EDP version is named *Eau d'Hadrien EDP*Both men's versions come in square bottles, the women's in somewhat oval shaped, fluted bottles.The men's EDT juice is identical to the women's EDT juice, and the men's EDP juice (*Hadrien Absolu*) is identical to the women's EDP, except that it is colored a little more yellowish than its female counterpart, *Eau d'Hadrien EDP*, but as far as the scent goes, the men's and women's EDT and EDP versions are identical. *Eau d'Hadrien* in it's EDT and EDP formulations, despite it's demarcation into different shaped bottles for men and women and different names, has always been considered a unisex fragrance. The fragrance takes it name after the Roman Emperor Hadrian, Hadrien in French, who reigned from 117 to 138.*Eau d'Hadrien* certainly is a fleeting fragrance, as attested to by many of the reviewers below. *Hadrien Absolu*, on the contrary, lasts a very long time for a citrus based scent; although, it should be noted, it always stays close to the skin. *Hadrien Absolu* can still be detected up to six to eight hours after the initial few sprays, as opposed to the EDT, which lasts (on this reviewer, at least) an hour and a half to two hours, maximum, but, even then, what an hour and a half to two hours. A word of warning, though: *Hadrien Absolu* is not merely a stronger version of *Eau d'Hadrien*; rather, it's a reformulation of *Eau d'Hadrien* as I explain below.The first thing one notices about *Eau d'Hadrien* is its pared down structure when compared to most other fragrances: citrus (lemon, grapefruit, and citron), ylang ylang, and cypress, but what an amazing and amazingly simple combination. It's such a sparsely constructed fragrance with a truly Mediterranean elegance to it. It's the same kind of elegance in simplicity you find for instance in a meal of fresh, pan-fried fish seasoned with salt, cracked pepper, and lemon juice in the myriad little sea-side taverns one finds spotted all over the Mediterranean world. Anyone who's had the good fortune to have such a meal, can't help but be impressed with the minimalist approach to flavoring, which paradoxically produces such intense and clearly demarcated flavors that still manage to work, magically, as a whole. It's the Mediterranean ethos––doing much with little. I tend to think of *Eau d'Hadrien* in this way and of all of Annick Goutal's creations in this way for that matter. They are truly Mediterranean in their uncompromising use of essential, top quality ingredients and in their simplicity of construction. They do much with very little. Now to the differences between the EDT and EDP versions: The cypress in the EDT formulation is more pronounced than it is in the EDP/Absolu version and this is what gives the EDT its characteristic woodsy spiciness. It's a fresh, slightly herbaceous woodsy spiciness that works beautifully with the minimalist pairing of citrus and ylang ylang. In the Absolu/EDP version, the ylang ylang is more prominent, and the pure citrus oils are a lot more concentrated, and while the ylang ylang is intensified, the cypress is muted (substantially, actually, if one thinks about it). In the *Hadrien Absolu* formulation, the more prominent ylang ylang note works harmoniously with the citrus and the cypress to produce a very beguiling bitterness. I am always amazed how the clean, sour edges of the citrus and the bitter, heady rotundity of the ylang ylang compliment each and keep the acerbic elements of the overall accord in check in the *Absolu* formulation. Like the EDT version, it's a masterpiece of the careful, assured blending of elemental ingredients. In this saccharin world of mass-produced, ubiquitous, and artificial fruit flavors, it's a truly refreshing scent as is the EDT. Unlike many other recent so-called citrus scents, both *Eau d'Hadrien* and *Hadrien Absolu* manage to remain unmuddled by any sweet notes. Sometimes, I turn to them when my palette has become cluttered and jaded with too many scents. There is a bracing, clarifying astringency to them that also adds to their appeal. On reflection, I would classify *Eau d'Hadrien* as a citrus woodsy fragrance with a slight floral edge and *Hadrien Absolu* as a citrus floral with a slight woodsy edge.A few words of warning though: overspraying *Hadrien Absolu* will bring out the oxygen-consuming headiness of the ylang ylang, which will then overwhelm you. I have found that wearing both the EDT and EDP versions together, with a minimum of two good decent sprays of the *Hadrien Absolu* and about 8 to 10 sprays of the *Eau d'Hadrien* works really well and allows one to enjoy the best of both worlds. If you decide to wear *Hadrien Absolu* alone, go lightly on the number of sprays, two to three at the most.Finally, with the exception of the opening notes of *Signoricci 2*, there is probably no more ethereal and divine citrus experience than *Eau d'Hadrien*, but as with all things ethereal and divine, we should not expect to be able to hold on to them too firmly. Enjoy the moment of *Eau d'Hadrien* even if it is brief. In it's beauty, it is, after all, like all beautiful transient things of this world, an intimation of mortality, perhaps even of immortality.
26th March 2006
Light, lilting, lemony and lovely. This is one of the very rare fragrances that has been a repeat buy for me. Once in a while I get tired of it, but I know this is one that I will come back to again and again. To me it's refreshing and relaxing, even though that sounds like a contradiction. The body creme is just amazing, but so expensive. I had received a nice sized sample of it and of course now I want to buy a tube. I also want to try the EDP at some point. Maybe in the future, but at the moment I have plenty of the EDT on hand and too many other fragrances to justify such extravagant purchases. I guess it's a pretty simple fragrance, but that's one of the reasons I like it. The citrus notes stay after the drydown, but is joined by light woods that give it a refined quality. I feel comfortable wearing this anywhere. It's great for the office, for a leisurely stroll outdoors, for meeting friends for dinner, and for countless other occasions.
12th March 2006
Thumbs WAY UP for Annick Goutal's Eau D'Hadrien! In the extreme heat of summer, this is true refreshment. I spend alot of time at the beach, and there is no better feeling than wearing this bright, lively fragrance while out in the mid-day sun - OR - after being out in a scorcher; coming home to shower and spritz on this re-energizing tonic!!! The citrus lemon is pure, light, and not sweet. Just clean summer freshness. Ahhhhhhhhh, I can hear the waves crashing already.
10th March 2006
This is a good fragrance that can be worn during the day at the office. I just don't think it stays as long as I would expect it on my skin. A mild citrus smell makes it intriguing and mysterious. It is too expensive in my opinion and… Why would I pay so much for a cologne when there are better similar scents for half the price? I won't!
3rd March 2006
It's an uplifting citrus scent, but nothing that stands out. Very light and inoffensive. I don't see how you could overdo it with this one. Probably perfect as an office scent and during the spring/summer months. However, this is probably the most fleeting scent alongside with 4711. Ten sprays of this baby and it's gone within 30 minutes. It does have its uses though. I use it as a pick-me-up when I have a hangover. With that being said, I wouldn't buy it again as it is quite expensive.
29th December 2005
Oh how I wish the initial sharp & icy lemon notes lasted. I absolutely love the opening act- the most realistic lemon citrus in a perfume that I have ever smelled. After 5 minutes it turned flat and a bit stale. I would purchase this if the top notes would stay alive throughout- oh it would be some beautiful sillage. Alas, it won't so no purchase. That said this has a very elegant & feminine bottle.
3rd December 2005
I am a scent fanatic and own many great/expensive fragrances. If i could only have one.... this is it. I mainly use the Absolu (the more concentrated parfum). Classic.
23rd November 2005
A great Citrus for 10 minutes...Then, on my skin, wet cardboard...not impressed.
22nd October 2005
Buy the perfume not EDT as the perfume lasts much longer. This is a wonderful scent. Contains citrus (Sicilian lemons and grapefruit). Also has cypress which is green and earthy and is the base note. One of my all time favorites.
17th October 2005
Within minutes of spritizing this fragrance, a rather bubbly friend commented that my fragrance reminded her of 'Disprin', an effervescent aspirin tablet with a lemony-metallic zing. At first, I was taken aback by such a blunt comparison, but I had found myself in agreement. The topnotes, like my friend, are a bubbly citrus zest. However the drydown is the most pleasant, soft, smooth woody and floral base with a surprisingly long duration.
29th September 2005
Eau d'Hadrien is an incredibly short lived, reasonably nice, but nothing special citrus fragrance. I just can't really think of a reason to own this on a market that is flooded with more interesting, and longer lasting citrus fragrances.
22nd September 2005
A zesty fresh citrus classic that would could/should be mentioned together with the heavyweights like Eau Sauvage, Signoricci, Orange Verte and Monsieur Balmain. But just Like the aforementioned Hermès, EdH unfortunately struggles with severe longeviy issues. Strenghtwise it's definitely more a cologne than EdT. Too bad on such a natural-smelling lovely fragrance. Check out the Absolu version which is stronger, or the Les Nuits edition which is alltogether a different scent, both great alternatives.
15th September 2005
If a long wearing grapefruit scent is something you might like, here is your new scent. Enjoy!
11th September 2005
Very nice citrus fragrance - refreshing - a true green lemon like no other. Unfortunately very short lasting.
4th August 2005
This is a really light, smooth, high quality scent. It starts off with crisp citrus notes, then dries down to something resembling a more refined version of YSL's Live Jazz. Eau d'Hadrien does not project itself at all, so this may be a good choice for the office.
29th March 2005