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This is a classic refreshing scent; which I will always want to have with me when travelling to hot climes (like visiting family in Arizona in the summer) just for the complete and utter burst of refreshment Eau d'Hadrien provides. The lemony topnotes are clean and sweet without the overly jeune fille characteristic of some citrus scents. I did not get a sharp or cloying quality, as some have described like furniture polish or medicinal preparations. This is a smell of the natural world in sunlight in a bottle- very real but also very fleeting.
The reformulation seems "muskier", not as natural to me, but still very refreshing.
13th September 2009
Annick Goutal Eau D'HadrienI love to go out and eat at a nice restaurant, order the chef's tasting menu, be presented with multiple courses of amazing culinary concoctions and roll home sated and satisfied. The next day I am usually up for something much less complex. A nice piece of fish simply spiced on the grill and some fresh summer vegetables always seems right. As I eat the simpler meal I am always reminded that there are joys in simpicity. As it is with food so it is with perfume. I will wax poetically about a scent with overlapping accords that combine to create new artistic leaps of scent. Then there is the 1981 creation, by Annick Goutal and Francis Camail, Eau D'Hadrien. This is the olfactory version of simple, well-blended perfection. Eau D'Hadrien has six listed notes but there are only four that I smell when I wear it; lemon, grapefruit, citron, and cypress. The development is as straight-forward as can be. The top is tart lemon and grapefruit but the lemon is dominant. As the scent progresses the citron takes the lead toning down the tarter aspects of the beginning notes. The base is a clean, light cypress note. That's it, there is nothing else to report but that doesn't mean this isn't one of the best citrus scents out there. Eau D'Hadrien has above average longevity especially for this class of cologne. It also just feels comfortable. Like most colognoisseurs I am looking for the next great thing but along the way I'm going to stop and sniff the simple well-constructed things and remember there is pleasure to be found there.
30th August 2009

I stand with the minority of reviewers that dislike this Eau d'Hadrien. It is dominated by a rather harsh and unpleasant lemon note that I do not like at all (and I do enjoy quite a few lemon scents, ranging from Acqua di Parma Colonia to Eau Sauvage). I have tried it several times now and can't get any enjoyment out of it; a definite thumbs down.
4th August 2009
Eau d'Hadrien has risen straight to my number one and I think I could throw away all my other perfume. At first scent I was not able to recognize any ingredient, not lemon, not cypress. I could only feel a shock wave of nostalgia for something euphoric that I couldn't put my finger on, and at the same time felt the energy portrayed by the spooked horse on the Ferrari logo blaze through my body. I heard in my mind "Venus De Milo" from the A Zed and Two Noughts soundtrack by Michael Nyman. If I concentrate, I can at least place a cold gin and tonic with a side of Italian Lemon cookies in the atmosphere, but it doesn't explain the thrill by a long shot. My husband, also a Bombay Sapphire fan, loves this fragrance on me. I bought all three bottles on the shelf that day, and will hoard this as long as I can after it is discontinued, which I hope is a long way away from now.
18th July 2009
Eau d'Hadrien can be worn anytime, anywhere. It is a complex, citrus fragrance and is completely delightful. I wear the EDP and it's lasting power is marvelous. I wear it to work and to occassions where I don't want to offend anyone with some of the more difficult to wear fragrances that I'm also attracted to. I also just wear it because I love it.
1st May 2009
This has been my favorite for 15 years. It works in any season, and its ability to fade fairly quickly, which I think is related to the purity of ingredients used, is only a reason to carry a spritzer and refresh it throughout the day. A joy.
29th April 2009
Eau d'Hadrien is not just another citrus fragrance. The unusual grapefruit note, but light and well balanced with lemon, citrus blossom and cypress, reminds me an enchanting spring morning on the Riviera. It is not sweet as an Eau de Cologne, overflowing of orange blossom water; but sharper and smarter. Eau d'Hadrien is for me the best composition of Annick Goutal, and deserves its place beside "Bois de Cedrat" by Creed, a lemony fragrance I love.
21st April 2009
It didn't make me happy while wearing it. I think this particular perfume is for a person of a melancholic nature that needs to brood. I'm not being sarcastic, it's just that I know there are different fragrances for different personalities. I had to get rid of my bottle. When I swapped it, I felt guilty giving this melancholic perfume to someone to assist in their unhappiness. It just wasn't for me.
16th April 2009
there are better citrus scents as this one.this is pure lemon and citrus-too intense with no staying power!very boring , simple and nothing special- go for eau sauvage ir yves saint laurent pour homme if you´re looking for a classical citrus summer scent or monsieur de givenchy but eau d´hadrien is a total waste of money-one of he most uninteresting scents ever made-lemon pure that lasts for 2 hours - if this scent is discontinued noone would miss it!By a cleaner at a drugstore and you get the same but for less money ..........................
31st March 2009
Tart and crispy grapefruit blast at the top brings literally water to my mouth. I also think of poison-green tart and crunchy winter apples and raw rhubarb stem that makes your face look funny when you take a real good bite of it. It's absolutely wonderful. The opening, I mean.The drydown is everything I suspect and feared: It really does go downhill quite fast, and it's fading to this boring subtle citrus scent that has a notable soapy structure to it.More oomph! and more range to those top notes I would probably love this much more. Perhaps in this case EdP concentration would do the trick.Most of these Goutal scents are just way too quiet for me. I suppose I just like to reek as much as possible.The citrus fragrances that are more into my liking are, just give you a couple of examples; Soda by GdG, Oyedo by Diptyque, M7 Fresh by YSL…..and then of course I love those rich citrus classics such as Eau Sauvage, YSL PH, Ungaro II etc.
3rd March 2009
Uh, it smells like something I'd clean a bathroom with. Then again, my tolerance for citrus (especially lemon) is limited, so I'm not the audience this is speaking to. Citrus-lovers are rightfully agog -- this delivers one whallop of a lemon bouquet, for sure.
25th January 2009
Some say this is the perfect summer scent - I say it works year round. In the Winter it will remind you of warmer carefree and sunny days. In the Summer it will never overwhelm you - it is sweet without being candy and lemon without making you feel like you are wearing a cleaning solvent. As refreshing as lemonade and it melts into your skin creating a personal fragrance that I really cannot find the words to describe. My husband told me this scent smelled like me - in that he could not give me a specific reason or note that struck him as suiting my personality. It just turned into something that made him think of me. My daughter on a separate occasion said the very same thing (and she did not hear him say it....she lives out of state). This is said to be a unisex scent however, my husband said he thought it was too feminine for that. Chemistry being chemistry though, I am sure it would work on a man by taking on the personality of the wearer as most scents do.
26th December 2008
I'm bemused. You say it's long long long lasting. The reality is more in line with the other reviewers. Within an hour or two the scent is almost gone, and there is certainly no sillage. The very forward bright citrus with a hint of woodiness underneath is suprisingly alluring, but you will have to get very close to the wearer to experience it.
17th December 2008
I have to say this is one of the most pleasant scents I have came across. I like it, but would never use it to impress. There are other more bolder scents for that. No, this soft, fresh scent is as warm as a sunny day in a lemon orchard. Lemon is one of my favorite top notes. Here it last to middle. Quiet a surprise. It is unisex, which in my book renders it a solitairy scent. This is a day off treat, to use when indulging in your favorite hobbies like painting or reading. Uplifting? Yes. Universal? maybe not...
25th November 2008
The lemon & cypress are artfull, not at all like a cleaner. Very classy, but does not last at all on me. Thats why I give it a neutral in the Eau d'Hadrien form. In a more extended form, like the Hadrien Absolu, it would be thumbs up.If you want something very light try this as the ylang ylang drydown is like the soft breath of a lover.
14th September 2008
This is a very rich, sophisticated combination of citrus & woods which would work for anyone, anywhere. Yet, in spite of it's reputation for lasting a long time, this is "Gone in Sixty Seconds" with me. I wish that was not the case with this line, because I like most of the fragrances (they are complex) and would purchase them frequently if they had more staying power.
2nd August 2008
Definite citrus on top with a heavy woody base. I was hoping for more of the citrus to last longer. The citrus is cut with green notes that smell marvelous but a lot like Eternity for Men's green (not overall). After an hour the only thing that lasts is the slightly musky woody base. Eh, I'll pass.
24th July 2008
Nice bright citrus scent underpinned by a green woody note. The EdP has good longevity for a citrus scent (4 hrs). Good for wearing on a hot summer day.
7th July 2008
Color me confused. Goutal gets a lot of high praise for Eau d'Hadrien,.I don't get it with this one. Over several wearings of increasingly heavier applications, Eau d'Hadrien barely lasts an hour on my skin.The initial blast of citrus is great: lemon without being furniture polish and a hint of green.Then it's just kind of a confused, muddy citrus (not in a Terre d'Hermes way). Unfortunately it doesn't last long enough on my skin to create a solid enough impression one way or the other or to even ascertain the artistry of the scent. It's just a neutral.
27th June 2008
The lemon top is too vivid and cutting for my tolerance. I prefer Goutal's Mandragore, which is slightly sweeter, deeper, and more interesting.
29th May 2008
A very refreshing and bracing grapefruit citrus fragrance. Opens tart and stays clean and fresh throughout its life - about 2 hours. It's great as a summer tonic but don't expect it to be there very long. The opening fresh notes do not change or progress much. After using an entire bottle I realized that other than the fresh blast at the opening, I was just kind of bored with it. A number of citrus frags are like this - sort of one note wonders - Floris Limes comes to mind as well, only in lime rather than grapefruit. For a much more interesting fragrance that opens freshly with grapefruit but progresses through very interesting and clean stages, try Live Jazz.
1st July 2007
Annick Goutal's Eau d'Hadrien is a superb masterpiece. Many thanks to scentimental for the diligent and erudite review below. This has a dry citrus opening, followed by herbal tones. So far, it reminds me of Borsari's Aqua Classico in a more powerful version. Jasmine-like florals (the ylang ylang) are a subtle compliment to the emerging wood. And that wood is excellent! Here we have cypress in all its glory: slightly resinous, almost grassy, green, a bit smoky and hauntingly evocative. Those looking to know and understand cypress, look no farther! I like EdH very much. It is simple and yet has such satisfying depth. It is classy and elegant, restrained yet very substantial. The highest praise goes to this one! It is so different from the innocuous, fruity/fresh pap flooding today's market. "Unisex" perhaps, but I think it is mature and masculine.
20th June 2007
I just realized that on me this scent smells like Fruit Loops. But I love it. It's like Fruit Loops with spice. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long. I agree that it is great for summer.
4th May 2007
The first time I applied I thought--Oh,no "Lemon Pledge." Don't let that dissuade you. Let it cook for 1 hour before deciding. If you do like lemon this will hit the spot. The cypress was a new experience for me and a gorgeous combination it is. With the other mediterranean spices and green herbal blast, a fresh warm sunny lemon that cheers me every time I wear it. Be sure to get the EDP! The EDT is a disappointment in the longevity and silage department.
23rd April 2007