Eau des Jardins fragrance notes

    • wild rose, beech, rowan, blackcurrant bud

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A sparkling citrusy fruity-floral that doesn't smell cheap or For Teens Only. Deceptively light but if you overspray it takes on a synthetic edge. It's a nice summer cologne with quite good longevity. Awful bottle though, very cheap looking.
10th November 2013
Ok, this is from two sprays on my hand only. And I'm loathe to say it, but . . . nooooo. This is bad. There was a VERY fleeting impression of guava, and then... something that smelled, in as much as it smelled at ALL, of the drydown of Body Shop's White Musk Breeze, or whatever the newish flanker is that I have. Anyway, that gives you the idea. This smells cheap, a bit nasty, VERY very faint indeed and just. not. Clarins. This is a disaster, especially in this hitherto charmingly done 'aromatherapy'-ish line. I'm sorely disappointed.
14th September 2010