Eau Delà : Fortis : L'Eau Forte fragrance notes

  • Head

    • saffron, cumin, oud, cypriol
  • Heart

    • guaiacwood, cedarwood, amyris, vetiver
  • Base

    • amber, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, musk

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Similar to Black Afgano? Not really?

Fortis is darker (not stronger) and more religious. The notes are also different and the dry down is not even close to BA.

It's a very complex, sophisticated and very gothic scent.

The price is ok for this perfume's abilities.
29th May 2018
I won't go into detail about what it smells like, because it really is very similar to Black Afgano in scent (not strength), just a little more "cashmeran woody" and less smoky. Something like an admixture of 70% Black Afgano, 15% Chopard's Oud Malaki, 15% a cumin version of Molecule 1. It wears lightly and is a decent woody/spicy/rubbery/synth-oud cypriol companion for about 20 minutes until it starts to reveal the semi-transparent "niche dark woody" base I've smelled a hundred times before.

It doesn't smell bad, it doesn't smell great. It smells like in a year from now, I'll forget I have the sample and forget I wrote a review of it...if you can call this a review.
13th January 2018

Cumin, Cedar, and amber. I get the Black Afgano vibe, which I like This has the cumin which is much more powerful and warming. Nice fragrance.
15th July 2017
I'm going to try not to do another Black Afgano comparison. This is a darker scent for certain, but I'm enjoying a slightly sweet, fruity/floral aspect in the opening. There is a nice balance between dark and light woods, but I can't help feeling that there's something missing. Glimmers of hope are offered during the beginning, but this settles into a sweet-ish vanilla, sandalwood and spicy oud. Nice enough, but a pass.
1st January 2016
I don't even want to put this on as it's clearly a Black Afgano rip off. And it's not that I dislike Black Afgano that much (although I fully understand why so many people do), but it takes some pre-planning to wear it. Like Black Afgano, this is an absolute nightmarish overdose of cheap synthetic sandalwoods and sweeteners, only here it's dialed back a notch compared to the original. If we're splitting hairs, I'd also say that some of BA's smokiness has been swapped out with even more sugary syrup. As with the original, it's fun in very small, infrequent doses, but it's hardly a scent for grown-ups. I can't believe Les Liquides hasn't been sued over this as it's a shameless copy.
14th April 2015
Not knowing Black Afgano my approach to Fortis is ingenuous and genunine. I like it. It has that aura of class and sofistication I look for in scents. Dark head notes, creamy heart notes and great longevity. Beautifu indeed. Not too masculin. I could wear it at times.
18th January 2015
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