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Tom Ford (2018)

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Eau de Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford

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Eau de Soleil Blanc is a shared scent launched in 2018 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Eau de Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford

There are 7 reviews of Eau de Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc was released several years ago as a flanker to Soleil Blanc, fittingly lighter, fresher, and less dense than the original, a light-and-creamy fresh floral that has a hint of sunscreen, the main notes being citruses, a parade of white florals (tuberose, jasmine, ylang ylang), and vanilla. It does have a slight aquatic vibe, maybe midway between freshwater and saltwater, helping it be bit a bit more transparent than the original.

Like most of the “Eau”-named releases of the Private Blend Collection, Eau de Soleil Blanc is in EDT concentration and priced well below the main line's EDP entries–in this case, the retail pricing is $184/134 for 100/50ml. In that respect, it's a reasonable compromise and logical alternative to the original Soleil Blanc, whose retail pricing is at the standard $250 for 50ml.

Overall, it's decent, though I imagine most would lean toward the original Soleil Blanc for its strength, despite the higher price, though Eau does perform reasonably well, also.

7 out of 10

Creamy and floral, it has the sun cream vibe which is done nicely if this what you're after.

This is really lovely. It's 100% beachy suntan lotion vibes as others have said (which does make me wonder if I should just slather on the real thing for much cheaper). But, it's a very pleasant scent, and as someone who has looked through every "blue" fragrance for something I liked and come up with nothing, this feels like a very good summer frag to me.

Some others have said that it comes off too feminine. And yes I do get more floral notes in the drydown, but I think it's certainly unisex. I don't want to live in a world where men can't put on something that smells like coconut.

I do feel that the longevity is lacking, but I have yet to find a summer frag I've loved that lasts any longer so that's not a great concern. Would like to try the EDP soon but haven't gotten the chance

The opening blast combines lemon, orange and bergamot with a greenish undertone. That all does sound fresh and summery and it is indeed, but the freshness is lightly attenuated by a slightly spicy undertone that features some cardamom and pepper mainly. A touch of caraway adds some depth.

The jasmine adds a sweet creaminess that is otherwise mainly due to a nice ylang-ylang; jasmine and a good lashing of sea coconut are also coming to the fore with time, and, with some help of the marketing-led imagination, the whole has a bit of a suntan character.

The base is increasingly a vanilla affair, sweet and a touch heavy.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and six hours of longevity on my side.

This summery beachy scent is quite nicely conceptualised, with a core idea similar to that of Bond No. 9's Fire Island, with the latter a touch more creative and showing more texture in spite of its comparatively simpler composition. Still, whilst the base is a bit boring, otherwise this one is done nicely, but it is rather generic at times. 2.75/5.

Tom Ford does Coconut tanning lotion.
every woman I've shown this to has loved it,....women love coconut I guess.

Great scent!. I tried it at the shopping mall and it took me to the beach instantly.

IS the type of scent that change your mood, perfect for summer, spring, the beach. I enjoy when I am wearing it.

* Longevity is really nice on me for a fresh one (6-8 hrs.) and it stays on my clothes for 2 days.
* Sillage is moderate but people around you can definitely smell you.
* Projection is moderate.

I love it!, it take me to a relaxing mood with good memories (beach vacations).

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