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Rochas (1993)

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Reviews of Eau de Rochas Homme by Rochas

There are 64 reviews of Eau de Rochas Homme by Rochas.

Eau de Rochas pour Homme opens as a classic citrus chypre, but soon asserts a woody cedar, musks combo that feels like an ancestor to the modern “radiating” Iso/ cedar, citrus, musk cologne/chypre everybody's been churning out for years.
Interesting for it's place in the evolution of the genre, but I found it grating, the musks veering dangerously close to laundry territory.
I personally find the classic citrus chypre construction and evolution much more interesting as well as the more modern interpretations of what it does such as Dior Homme Cologne or Allure Homme Sport Cologne.
Aug 28, 2021

He is refined,dependable and dignified.he has few words;but when he speaks,people listen.he gets things done,then confidently sweeps his lover into his arms.a gentleman who has strength,but balances that with effortless charm...a clean fresh elegant subtle masterpiece.it's like being on a Mediterranean vacation.EDR just gets better with time,like a fine wine.you really can't go wrong with this fragrance if you give it a chance and you're of a more mature age or at least have a nose for sophisticated fragrance.

A deliciously refreshing and invigorating opening of sherbet lemon note from the verbena, which, anchored by the herbal bergamot and crisp lime.it smells super natural and nowhere near harsh,as citrus fragrances can be.it reminds me of Givenchy Pour Monsithen in it's first stages. the herbaceous,citrusy bliss is married with a bit of florals and is rounded out perfectly with the slightly modified woody-chypre base it becomes really captivating and unique.it definitely has an old-school vibe to it which i appreciate a lot,as it's definitely richer when it dries down compared to all the skinny and flat citricts of nowadays.forget Bleu de Chanel, forget Sauvage...you want something that has stood the test of time?wear Eau de Rochas Homme!
Aug 6, 2021

Eau de Rochas Homme (1993) is a peculiar perfume in regards to how it came about, but an amazing alternative to the usual "blue" aquatic or citric fruity laundry musk thing that was around at the time. Edmond Roudnitska created Moustache by Rochas (1949) as a then-unconventional citrus aromatic chypre for men, with a cologne-like arrangement of citruses and a sour musky civet note to enhance the sandalwood oakmoss base so it wouldn't feel too soft or feminine. Years after the men's citrus chypre was starting to run its course (mutating into aromatic or animalic chypres with added leather or balsamic bases of patchouli and benzoin), the green chypre was subverted and taken over by the women's perfume market, which was serving a population perhaps starting to tire of sweet aldehyde chypre perfumes living in the shadow of Chanel No. 5 (1921). The original Eau de Rochas (1970) came about as a retooling of Moustache by Nicholas Mammounas to make it universal in appeal. The scent itself was hot on the heels of Ô de Lancôme (1969), and would compete in time against Balenciaga Ho Hang (1972), Sisley Eau de Campagne (1974,) and Yves Saint Laurent Eau Libre (1975), but this early unisex bubble would fail thanks to stubborn male patriarchy and all of these would be shifted to the women's market save Ho Hang, which found popularity among men, and Eau Libre, which would be aborted. Eau de Rochas in time started seeing more use by men, so someone had the bright idea to reconfigure it for a proper masculine release to compete with aquatics, alongside the original 1970 version by then marketed to women.

So what is then Eau de Rochas Homme? A masculine born from a erstwhile unisex feminine market itself born from a masculine? It's hard to really say but what we got here is a chypre composed by Gilles Romey that reads almost like an eau de cologne, minus the usual hit of neroli. The opening is lemon, bergamot, mandarin, lime, and a smooth basil pushed forth by a puff of sharp metallic aldehydes. The heart is a slightly-dusty mixture of white florals, with far more listed than what is actually detectable by the nose. I get hedione and a bit of muguet over some dry rose and coriander myself, with that basil and tart citrus above squishing it into almost a Tom Collins-type effervescence. The base is a light sharp oakmoss and vetiver with traces of cedar, labdanum, an unlisted myrrh note and musk. Missing from the men's version but present in the original unisex/women's version are carnation, patchouli, and amber, all which really hit home the chypre feeling. Without those ingredients here in Eau de Rochas Homme, this is a few missing sea notes away from being an aquatic like Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani (1996), but barring those aquatic elements, feels like the granddad of Versace Man Eau Fraîche (2006), bringing in the Mediterranean freshness albeit in a more traditional fashion than Versace does. All in all, this is a wonderfully bright, dry, crisp and clean fragrance perfect for after a shower, devoid of the usual soapy shower gel laundry musk smell that most things from both this era and this style tend to have. Wear time is sufficient but overall projection is close to skin after the first hour, with moderate sillage you can detect on yourself in fits and starts. This stuff is the definition of casual to me.

Eau de Rochas Homme is a total summer relaxation scent and I still think this reads unisex even when stripped down into "homme" cladding. The original Eau de Rochas could really be worn side-by-side with this as it's slightly more-floral and artsy cousin, while this "Homme" version serves as built-for-service utility without the fussiness of florals. I like to think of this as the answer to the question of "What if Guerlain Eau de Cologne Impériale (1853) lasted longer?", and although it misses some of the Earl Grey vibes of that classic, it still gets you in the same ballpark, which is all you can really ask for in something with the same basic structure but literally 5 times the performance. To think in the coming years it would be a game niche houses played, in all trying to create fragrances that took a traditional eau de cologne and suspended it in time with artificially-extended performance, then sending it back out into the world as "luxury" saying "oh look we can do this at great cost but it is worth it". Here is Rochas, basically doing the same thing almost by accident a few years before Bond No. 9 or Penhaligon's did it, selling it as competition against freshies like Davidoff Cool Water (1988) or the original Nautica (1992). In short, if you're looking for a fresh citrus fragrance that doesn't smell like soap or shampoo, and punches way above its weight in quality, Rochas has provided you just that by way of evolutionary happenstance. Also, don't worry so much about IFRA restrictions or reformulations, as this one was always light and never an oakmoss bomb. Thumbs up.
Sep 14, 2020

I don't know the technical term for it, but this fragrance has no staying power. It is light and lemony, but very soon after you put it on, it is a memory. It reminds me of Jean Naté after-bath spray from the 1970's. The bottle is pretty. You may enjoy it, right after drying off from a shower, but very soon after applying it to the inside crook of your elbow or wherever you spray it, it will be gone.
Jul 12, 2020

Not getting all of the goodness as below!
Feels very unbalanced.
The citrus (lime) sticks out right from the start and is on par with household citrus cleaning products.

In comes some herbs basil and coriander, the idea of which I get ( classic cologne water style), but again its doesn't work on me. I get a sour sweaty herb - at this stage its (still) a scrubber. Don't get much in the way of flora at all. Smells akin to an experiment with the essential oils of the mentioned ingredients - they do not smell good up close or in volume.

Lasts a fair while and by the time you get to the drydown ( which is actually nice - in the soft woodsy citric vibe of Eau Sauvage Parfum '17) its a skin scent.

Hopefully it's just my chemistry :)
Sep 3, 2019

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