Originally a limited edition summer Caron available from May to August 2006. Now full-time.

Eau de Réglisse fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon verbena, green mandarin
  • Heart

    • ginger, liquorice
  • Base

    • vanilla, patchouli, nutmeg

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Not bad but, doesn't last on me. A blast of orange, basil, and lemon verbena on top gave this promise. I get no licorice whatsoever. A bit of patchouli in the middle; a bit of vanilla at the end. A good quickie for spring weather.
25th May 2018
Lemon Verbena. The note reminds me of the TV show "Little House on the Prairie" where Laura always loved her teacher's perfume b/c she smelled of Lemon Verbena.
This offering has a wonderful Lemon opening, with a touch of gourmand from the vanilla. Not enough to be cloying, but a nice balance. I didn't get much licorice, or what was there quickly left. I'd say this was a good feminine fragrance for spring/summer.
4th June 2017

Eau de Reglisse opens with a bright flash of lemon verbena undercut with a licorice accord of what I believe to be the perfect strength. It sits a couple notches below the verbena in terms of how much it projects, and what's interesting about it is that it also has a similar density to the verbena. I like this, as it keeps the fragrance in a light, ethereal dimension, with a smooth balance between the citrus and reglisse; nothing feels bogged down or competing for space. It smells clean, sharp, and maybe even a little soapy. The bright citrusy aspect of Eau and its licorice pairing last for about an hour before fading into the background, replaced by the base which is a quiet, vanilla-dominated woody patchouli. I like the conclusion. It's simple, not too sweet, and leaves a nice scent on the skin. Overall, this is a very good fragrance, but probably not a great one due to the fact that its performance is generally lacking (decent projection for an hour followed by a skin scent for a few more). Also, while it's very nice, don't expect to be "wowed" by it either (it's not that kind of scent). Eau de Reglisse has the right heft, great balance, and succeeds by executing its theme more or less flawlessly. If its concept intrigues you, it's definitely worth sampling.

*Also worth noting: While this is listed as a female fragrance, it is absolutely unisex and while I tried it not knowing how it was categorized I actually thought it was a men's fragrance. Don't be dissuaded.
20th July 2016
Genre: Citrus/Woods

Eau de Reglisse introduces itself with a bright, cheerful accord of juicy lemon and licorice, but the licorice doesn't last, and what I'm left with is a sweet eau de Cologne formula over a conventional woody base. Ho hum.
13th June 2014
Non-foody gourmand. Excellent lemon verbena opening that quickly adds on a non-foody licorice. I love the combination of that sparkling verbena note and the dark / sweet licorice which is soon to be supported by a clean ginger. It's an excellent accord… the combination is exciting. The verbena, as is its ilk, manages to disappear quite quickly, leaving a lesser (in my opinion) accord of licorice / ginger which becomes the primary accord for the heart notes. But this accord is very bright and original, too. On my skin the licorice lasts longer than the ginger but there must be some support rising from the base because the accord never thins out as the licorice fades, it still carries aromatic weight. As the fragrance moves into the base, a patchouli / vanilla accord comes into its own. The base does not hold the intensity and drama of the opening and heart, but it performs as a desirable and long lasting accord of beautifully balanced patchouli / vanilla apparently enriched by a nutmeg that I cannot discern as an individual note (which is exactly the way I like nutmeg). The base, in spite of its simplicity is sensual. I think there is an obscure green note enriching the base and perhaps another unknown element because I don't think I could be this taken by a simple patchouli / vanilla accord. The ginger and licorice do not make Reglisse at all foody, and I certainly wouldn't call this a gourmand. I'm really taken by this scent.Pros: Bright and enjoyable accords. Cons: Longevity."
21st August 2013
I originally penned this review from a memory I had of a beautiful, "shared wearing" and moment I had with my wife of Eau de Reglisse by Caron. I posted it on another review site and let it be. However, I felt the need to repost it here today...as it brought back the lucid memory after spraying some on my skin just now after a hot shower on a sunny but crisp winter day. I wouldn't change a word as this evokes the emotions and takes me back to that day even when just reading it - but, the smell transcends the visual memory and it becomes an olfactory daydream. The gorgeous, spicy yet delicate, lemon verbena pairing with the licorice note (which shows naturally, not candied - very beautiful)...blended with the ginger, light touch of green and sharp patchouli with a clean and lucent musk.

My original review -

Brilliant...natural...stunning...and a truly unisex scent to be adorned. My wife and I wore this together in October (each a full wearing) and made love to celebrate the day we got engaged years ago. It is one of the most elegant and beautiful creations of niche quality by the uncompromising house of Caron.

From the box/tube to the bottle & cap - and most importantly what is inside...this is artistry in perfumery.

The refinement and elegance create an olfactory experience that is to be enjoyed. This is not just fragrance.

Enjoy! No rating as this is sheer beauty - and, in this case, is in both the eye and nose of the beholder. Not just a gorgeous flacon...and not meant to be understood by all. This is why I love Caron!
17th January 2013
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