Eau de Prep fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Grapefruit, Granadilla, Clary Sage, Tonic Water
  • Heart

    • Geranium, Green notes, Pepper, Juniper Berry
  • Base

    • Ambergris, Woods, Suede

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Nice update to the original - a true flanker.
Grapefruit in the opening is nice and sparkling boosted by the tonic water.
Not overpowering, it announces the rest of the notes while maintaining a presence.
The ambergris is detectable from initial sniff, which I like.
10th December 2019
One of the best grapefruit openings I've smelled in a long time. It's a little on the sweet side, making it not so natural smelling, but at the same time, it does possess and authentic grapefruit smell, not like candy or anything.

After 5 minutes it sweetens up, and I lose interest.. but wait.. then something magical happens. It suddenly becomes green, with a splash of patchouli. The patchouli in this (although not a listed note) is similar to that in A*Men Pure Shot/Energy. A very clean smelling patchouli.

I think it's a perfect signature fragrance. Might even throw some people off into thinking it's a high end niche fragrance. Nothing too special, aside from the amazing grapefruit up top, it's still not a fragrance that hasn't been done 100 times already. I just think this one may be notably better than all its predecessors.
9th July 2018

This is interesting that it is similar to the original Tommy for Men with just a bit of a twist. It smells like the went for a "Sport" version of the original Tommy with light herbs. Longevity is around the 4 hour mark on me with 2 sprays with limited projection (which is the usual for a mass produced juice). Still has that 90's frat boy smell to my nose but if that's your thing go for it especially for the online price being what it is.
21st July 2016
Eau de Prep is very nice indeed, most certainly a noteworthy fragrance. I prefer this to Tommy Man as it's lighter, fresher and more versatile. On the opening grapefruit is the prominent note which hangs around for a while then the juniper berry comes into play. The dry down is tonic water and suede. Sillage and longevity are moderate. I first put my nose on this fragrance in Spain and it couldn't have been in a better setting. Eau de Prep was made for the summer, it works so well in the warm climates.
19th April 2016
Yes, the opening is a "gin and tonic" sort of sporty initial approach with ozonic-metallic-spicy nuances (a sort of more aromatic Lanvin L'Homme) with a notable juniper berries presence. Anyway the aroma becomes along the way less tonic and more resinous with a sort of "sticky-bitter licorice type" of ambery-herbal dry down (which is the best part). Too much citric-pungent and "watery" for my full taste, anyway.
31st January 2015
For me It's a nice update on Tommy Hilfiger original fragrance's theme. It's less sweet than Tommy, but also spicier and fresher. Longevity is regular, projection is ok. I'd say they are like brothers and some people may think It's redundant to own both. It could perfectly be launched as another Tommy Summer version and nobody would complain about it.
13th February 2014
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