Eau de Peau : Peau de Bête fragrance notes

    • blue chamomile, saffron, seed cumin, black pepper, seed parsley, juniper wood, guaiac wood, cedarwood, patchouli, styrax, cypriol, amyris, leather, castoreum, civet, skatol

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This to me is the best animalic perfume ever created. Oh, and I am a huge lover of animalic perfumes, I've sampled pretty much all, and own most.
I'm baffled that this exceptional work of art doesn't seem to get much attention, and not many perfumistas talk about it.
This is an anmialic that has it all. Complexity is very high, one will not get bored wearing and exploring this beauty. It's quite linear from start to finish, but the amalgam of notes and accords makes the journey one of a kind, and one discovers new nuances every other wear.
In short, this perfume is sexual. Yes, sexual, filthy, not sexy. This is sex, intimacy, bodily odor, and fluids. If pheromones would have a descriptive scent, it would be this.
In other words, this perfume has several facets that are perceivable and that coalesce to create the final result. There are spices, mostly cumin, and aromatic notes like parsley, and chamomile. There is also an agrestic nature in here, the smell of grass, hay, and wildflowers. There are woods, and resins, mostly labdanum and styrax, but I wouldn't say that this perfume is a resinous experience, if anything, these two resins give a smoky vibe to Peau de Bete. And the big players here, the civet, castoreum(the leather accord here), and skatole. The three of them are the core players, with all the other notes and accords dancing around them.
The scent is musky, spicy, earthy, grassy, a bit smoky, and leathery. Quite fascinating, there is a prominent creamy, buttery texture that others have also mentioned. Salty as well. Do you see where is this going? Musky, creamy, salty. The skin of the Beast might just as well have been named Human Skin. The smell of human skin after a long night of sexual interplay. But not in a bed, but rather on the wet grass and soil.
One would think, do I want to smell like this? It's artistic for sure, but do I want to wear it? Here is where this perfume shines once again and sets itself apart from the other animalic creations. The perfumer somehow managed to take all this untamed, shameless dirtiness in Peau de Bete, and give it a beautiful sophistication, smoothness, almost elegance. The sillage and projection are low, which means, only you, the wearer, will be able to fully appreciate it, and only those that come close to you. Who would have thought, an uber animalic composition, that can be worn anywhere, anytime, almost like a second skin, an extension of one's identity?
I could go on and on about why I believe this perfume is a work of genius, but I would stop here and plead for all animalic, skanky perfume lovers out there to try this one. You will not be disappointed.
Also, this one didn't make the cut for what is deemed as commercially acceptable, therefore, it's not going to be around for long.
4th September 2022
The opening of Peau de Bete is dry as an incense that has all the charm of freshly cast concrete pavement. This dry and cold character is given life by a warm organic spice that keeps the tone low and husky before a very dry leather emerges. All this has a strong indolic undertone that is very animalic and is very alluring and intriguing at opening and through the mid notes but falls apart toward the base of the scent. The base notes take the scent into a synthetic plastic aroma that is a less pleasant side to the synthetic skatole listed in the notes list. This is an unusual scent for sure and I think many people will like it, but I really did not enjoy the very ending of the scent when the various notes just didn't hang together well. Rating: 2.5 of 5 stars.
22nd February 2017

Smells like sweaty balls? Naa, perhaps sugar coated and with plastic tied around them. I detect some leather, plastic notes, and a bit of an animalic scent though not very challenging. The scent stays close to the skin and does not project much. Also, it is not long lasting. Rather an interesting fragrance, though.
10th September 2016