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Eau de NoHo fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin, watery greens
  • Heart

    • mimosa, violet leaves
  • Base

    • cashmere woods, green moss, amber

Latest Reviews of Eau de NoHo

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floral SIMILIAR TO OTHER BONDS. I detect lily of the valley/jasmine with slight undertones of tuberose and amber. smell like earth day. very potent. not unisex though imo. strictly for women.Pros: long lasting floralCons: smells like other bond's"
14th July 2013
I like the smell even though im a guy.

It smelled like tea...a green greeny tea...not a warm one...a fresh one sort of like the leaves and fresh air opening..synthetic though so just apply lightly will do.. on cloth its extravaganza lasting..

until one day...

my mom bought a cheap laundry detergent that smelsl pretty much like it!...it was a major turn off...darn it!!! i mean jeez...how come the laundry people could come with the scent cheaply?!?! and it made for clothing!!
11th May 2011

I tried this scent in Harvey Nichols, Manchester 2 years ago and thought "How sweet and feminine is that for me to wear!"...Since then I have used a full sample and need to admit that the scent has really evolved on me...fresh, sweet, floral but very pleasant and long lasting...I can detect some muguet/lily of the valley that reminds me of one of my favourite Bonds, Eau de New York...I have now bought the large size bottle and need to admit that I get several hours of pleasure from this formulation...not sure about sillage as it feels very close to the skin but fantastic longevity...thumbs up !!!
23rd September 2010
I liked this scent very much on a blotter just after I sprayed it. Now, 6 hours later I still like it! It stayed, it has not turned cloyingly sweet. I can smell green violet distinctively and a very clear honey note. I like Eau de NoHo! Will try it on my skin next time I'm in Holt Renfrew.
5th February 2010
Eau de Noho is gentle, soft, pretty, and long-lasting. It has lots of green notes, and it smells light and clean. It stays very close to the skin, so it's great for private enjoyment, and it won't offend anyone in close and crowded places like elevators. Eau de Noho is an all-around pleasant, almost relaxing fragrance. Bond says its for a "hip and cool downtown seductress." It invites, at the very least, a big hug.
13th January 2007
This scent was wonderful! One of my favorite fragrances is Philosophy's "Baby Grace". But, it fades so quickly. This fragrance smells very much like it, but, being a Bond #9 scent, it really sticks. It smells clean and soft! I loved it!
4th March 2006