Eau de Mystique 
Wesker (2020)

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Eau de Mystique goes on with moderately deep rose, adding faint bitter orange support before gradually transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart, the rose turns more airy and thin, as the bitter orange vacates, replaced by moderately sweet, smooth honey and powdery floral heliotrope support. During the late dry-down the honey infused rose recedes considerably, as slightly powdery and sweet vanilla takes the fore, with animalic, amber-like styrax and dry sandalwood joining the remnants of the rose and honey in support through the finish. Projection is above average to good, and longevity outstanding at well over 20 hours on skin.

This is my first outing with house Wesker, and aside from the published notes on the perfume reviewed today looking interesting I really knew nothing of the house or Eau de Mystique going in. Now having worn the perfume a couple days straight, I am not particularly impressed, but far from disappointed. Eau de Mystique at its core is a fine powdery, airy rose infused by moderately sweet honey, taking a more animalic turn in the late dry-down. The perfume is well-done, polished and super-potent, but while Eau de Mystique does smell good, this writer can't help but wonder what the "Mystique" is in the composition, as powdery rose has been done competently so many times before, albeit maybe with less longevity. The animalic facet derived from the honey and styrax in the base really doesn't help matters, as I find it at best not adding to the perfume's appeal, and potentially slightly detracting. The bottom line is the $195 per 50 ml extrait concentration "good" to "very good" 3 to 3.5 stars out of 5 rated Eau de Mystique is less mystical, and more iterative in its execution yielding a neutral recommendation.
Aug 28, 2021

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