Eau de Lit fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, coriander leaf, star anise, aromatic notes
  • Heart

    • green notes, tunisian neroli
  • Base

    • vanilla, white musks, cedarwood

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Latest Reviews of Eau de Lit

Guerlain's contribution to cocooning - shutting out the world and snuggling up at home - is a pong they call Eau de Lit, Water for the Bed.

Fair enough, some people may want to perfume their sheets - as well as themselves, but when it comes to dousing the boudoir with a Turkish Delight gourmand which is barely better than air freshener, and costs 85€€ a bottle, a better name for the stuff would be Eau Délit, Crime Water.

Didn't anyone at LVMH see that coming?
14th October 2018
Officially, Eau de Lit is a home scent that's also wearable as a proper perfume. It goes on with a huge blast of chemical brightness - my best guess is that it's hedione, because it combines with bergamot in a way that's familiar from scents like Eau Sauvage, but much less balanced and much more chemical. I understand that, by definition, home scents should come on strong and bright in order to quickly mask unpleasant odors, but all this unbalanced hedione seems like a weird choice.

Thankfully, the chemical blast fades quickly, leaving a very nice mix of violets, suede, chocolate, and iris over musks (both the clean soapy kind and the dirty civet kind). This deep animalic chocolate leather mix is satisfying, and smells warm and complex on sheets and towels. That being said, it's impossible to review a chocolate iris scent without comparing it to Dior Homme Intense, which is arguably the better of the two, thanks to Lit's awkward first blast and Dior's smoothly calculated beauty.

In all, I'm still voting thumbs up, in that falling asleep in a quiet hum of this is deeply pleasant, but I think there are better options out there as far as chocolate musks go.
15th June 2017