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    • lavender, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg

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This fragrance is centered around lavender, no surprise there. It is a fairly dark, rich and complex lavender, which over times takes on characteristics that range from terse and bitter to a smoky incense aroma, accentuated by coriander undertones.

In the drydown the spiciness continues with a nice nutmeg impression, which is enhanced by the well-balancing sweetness of a cinnamon note. This mix of cinnamon and spiciness results in a gingerbread-like impression, but with times the cinnamon grows stronger, and for the last few hours I get pure and delicious cinnamon.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent, and the longevity a very good ten hours on my skin, with the last hours being close to the latter.

Whilst not extremely creative, the complex lavender is interesting and the performance is good too. 3.5/5.
1st October 2017
BLUF: At the time of this review update (28MAR2019), this is my ideal stripped down lavender. Warm and realistic.

I've done a drastic 180 on this little number. The original rating was neutral and after wearing it from a sample a few times back in 2016, I was nonplussed. I revisited the sample recently and was frankly smitten, then immediately sought out a bottle.

I still find it to be more or less a lavender soliflore, straightforward as well, but this has such excellent depth and realism that I feel compelled to change my review. I don't find it as dry as I used to. Aspects of it are dry to be sure, but it also has a humid/rich quality as well. Unusually rich relative to many of the airy fresh florals Diptyque is known for, but leave it to Giacobetti to nail a light/heavy juxtaposition with freshness and warmth perfectly paired.

There is an almost smoked/smoldering quality to it, like you pulverized high-elevation french lavender (herbal and green), made incense sticks out of the mash, dipped it in lavender absolute, and burned the stick. I see spices like cinnamon and nutmeg listed, and I don't smell them outright in this smokey aspect, but perhaps they contribute to it. Whatever is creating that effect, I really love it. Bravo once again, Olivia.

After finding a new bottle for a mere ~$35, I've taken to spraying this on the cloth of my desk chair at home, my pillow case (as I like to do with Puig's Agua Lavanda), and even spraying it in bath water. I don't even really enjoy baths all that much, but this smells so good I suppose I look for any chance to get a waft.

Not overly complex, but for my tastes, I'll be surprised if I find a spartan yet warm lavender that I like more. I still adore Agua Lavanda, but that leans more fougere/mossy/dandy. Eau de Lavande is more...not potpourri exactly, that'd be selling it short. It's just so richly lavender and I love lavender.

I understand the Les Florales line has been axed as of 2019, at least the tall 100ml bottles that this came in. But I've seen Eau Mohéli, Geranium Odorata, and Eau Rose come back in the classic rounded Diptyque bottles, as well as L'Eau des Hesperides and L'Eau Neroli from the (also supposedly defunct) Les Eaux line, so hopefully they'll keep this around as well considering how recklessly I've been spraying this on household items.

In a nutshell, for me, warm and rich lavender done to near perfection. Thumbs up.

Original review below, for the hell of it:

I can't help but be repetitive here - this is a dry lavender soliflore. It is straightforward herbal, bitter, dry, lavender with some very very quiet spice facets.

It feels incomplete to me, but is still pleasant. I guess it might not be fair to call a soliflore incomplete, but look at me, Mr. Grinch, doing it anyway. It lasted a total of 2-3 hours before becoming imperceptible (3 hours might be generous).

Eau de Lavande a nice calming lavender fragrance, but for the price, I can't totally get behind this one.
6th October 2016

Anyone looking for a simple lavender scent will likely be disappointed by Eau De Lavande. It's really more of a gingerbread cookie and tea gourmand, clearly inspired by L'Artisan's Tea For Two.

I find the baking spices to be the heart of scent, mace and cinnamon and especially sweet ginger mixing with vanilla and almondy heliotrope to give a fresh-baked cookie and pie effect. The lavender is especially floral, mixing with a pinch of smoky rubber to keep things artful as opposed to candied or saccharine or cheap, as gourmands often come across.

I very much enjoy Eau De Lavande and even bought a bottle - I find it warm and comforting and very well made, though its similarity to Tea For Two (and Lutens' much more mediocre 5 O'Clock Au Gingembre) means it gets no points for originality.
6th October 2016
This is a slightly sweet, waxy smelling eau de lavender, plumped up with baking spices (cinnamon and nutmeg) and the citric/anisic smell of coriander. The nutmeg leaves a pleasantly numbing sensation behind as the scent surrounds you--and interesting, calming effect. Unfortunately, the lavender feels overwhelmed, and quickly dissipates, with skin and air contact. I would love this for ten dollars--not so much for a hundred or more.
13th March 2016
Not a great fan of soliflore scents, usually too boring to me, I like this lavande. It's simple and clean but with a twick!
15th June 2015
Eau de lavande starts as a very herbal, non floral form of lavender, sitting upon a mild leathery and ashy base. But after an hour or so, the lavender, which was feint to start with, is gone. What remains is that base, which is generic and boring. Very Disappointing. Pass.
1st October 2014
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