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Lady Gaga (2014)

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Eau de Gaga by Lady Gaga

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Eau de Gaga is a shared scent launched in 2014 by Lady Gaga

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Reviews of Eau de Gaga by Lady Gaga

There are 12 reviews of Eau de Gaga by Lady Gaga.

Scents like this are so undervalued - this could easily go head-to-head with the likes of Bvlgari The Vert and is so much better than the likes of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea series.

Elegant, grassy green tea with a dusty violet base that meets all the criteria for an ideal scent - gender-neutral, long lasting, elegant packaging (considering the price), and it smells great.

Although this is produced by Lady Gaga, this is not a feminine fragrance. In fact it's perfectly androgynous; the opening is slightly masculine however while the drydown becomes more feminine over time. As for the scent, it smells surprisingly similar to Banana Republic's Vintage Green - so basically I smell green bergamot, a strong scent of green tea, the scent of fresh green leaves, hints of neroli, and a hint of vetiver leaf. It also smells somewhat like Mugler Cologne for that matter. But the thing that seperates this from those two is that this has hints of the scent of violet leaves. But mainly it's bergamot with green tea (just as in Vintage Green). I don't actually detect much lime in this (even though it's listed as a note); it's more bergamot instead. Projection is moderate while longevity is also moderate. Overall, this is a very enjoyable inexpensive fragrance that would appeal to both men and women.


Basic, greenish scent. Loud and brash at first. Settles down into a unisex skin fragrance. Lime note is omnipresent. Not very exciting. It's tame.

Solid, very solid. Great longevity, but don't expect a strong dry down. The base which goes well into the 8 hour park on my skin, mostly consists of a light cedar note, though it may be sandalwood, or even a combination of the 2, it even smells slightly of oud. This is the base though, let's talk about the top. Well done! At first spray, yes it totally smells like Azuree Lime, as the comparisons suggest, but wait about 5 minutes and it smells very similar to Green Irish Tweed. 12 bucks a bottle for EDP concentration.. it's a no brainer to me. Blind buy worthy imo, if you like GIT, you will probably love this.

When we talk about celebrity perfumes, it is hard to find that is about nice quality scent but EDG is really nice scent. Summer breezes carry the scent of citrus. This scent is both light hearted and refined with the tart aroma of limes mixing with a hint of powdery and leathery notes. It gives me the sense sea combined with a distinctive sweetness. Interesting, subtle, refreshing, uplifting, energising, relatively elegant yet casual and absoloutely unisex.

It has a refreshing lime opening with a touch of flowers violet and as the perfume dries down resting on a bed of light, sweet wood leather notes that evokes cool breeze fresh windy beach and pure love. The evolution is linear on my skin. Invigorating but not you are getting harsh. It is for summer days after shower or before you go to beach. If you are looking for an uplifting scent that puts you in a good mood you wear it, try this one. Very nice but not in a sophictiacetd way.

If you're up for a cheap thrill, this is it. A zesty / sparkling and aromatic lime opening joined by a kind of watery accord that smells more leafy-violety than actually watery. Everything sharpened by a woody-leather bone-structure. Totally synth and surely not groundbreaking but considering you can find 30ml bottles for 7 euros in discount stores here and there around the globe, you might want to give this a chance as it's actually pretty enjoyable in a hypothetical Azuree Lime ---> woody citrus axis. Completely genderless.

Nice presentation a-la Kilian (ah, the irony). Cheap is good sometime.

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