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Latest Reviews of Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat

From an older 'bee bottle' formula:

Beautiful opening; sparkling, fizzy, and shining bright. Very similar to Jean Paul Guerlain's Eau de Guerlain, though it does not last near as long as that beauty.

A joyful ride, and sure to put a smile on your face. I just wish it lasted longer.

Would rate higher if it had longer staying power.
4th July 2021
Sweet lemon candy that slowly fades into slightly fusty bergamot. A while back, I sampled a bunch of classic lime colognes and this reminds me of them (if someone told me this was supposed to smell like lime, I would believe them - it's more sugary citrus candy than anything specific), though without the odd bathroom odors that the rest of the genre incorporates (thank goodness!). Perfectly pleasant, if a little sweeter than I'd prefer.
30th November 2020

Massive, sugary lemon drop juice. Bergamot is minimal. This, is yet another old-style, cologne-type, barber shop "thing".
Unisex? Definitely. Cedar never overwhelms. A little more "substance" would make this more appealing, for me....
Lemon becomes more tart over time. Pale. Non-offensive. Somewhat dull.
19th August 2019
A sharp, vibrant lemon fragrance, classic and flawless smelling, ephemeral.
24th June 2017
this is marketed as a Female frag, but both my wife and I use this as a spectacular summer fresh scent, and more as a layering frag over the top,

it works fantastic over Shalimar, Jicky, and mitso but also over many others outside of the Guerlain range,

beautiful lemon scent instantly refreshes you, cool and delightful, with such a crisp wave of cedar JUST poking through.

very regal scent, but be aware, its an Eau so longevity is very low. However, laid over a parfum it seems to really last.
17th June 2015
The ultimate luxury...

Why? Because it is such an expensive, beautiful smell but gone in minutes! Usually, an Eau de Cologne by nature only really consists of top notes. So in this case, it resembles many of the other famous EdC's of the past (including 4711). Still it's a beautiful one, and very naturally made, with real citrus oils.

The story goes that Jacques Guerlain wanted to recreate the smell of his time spend in the luxurious French Riviera. This Eau de Cologne is not meant to be worn as a perfume, but merely splashed or sprayed on throughout the day (at any occasion), when feeling ill, when stepping out of the bath or shower, when walking out the door, before meeting people, at home, at work... wherever! The ultimate luxury... and the smell? A perfect citrus floral combination! Citron (a bitter, rough relative of the lemon, slightly more sour and fruity - which smells more like grapefruit than lemon), and a dose of orange blossom to hold it up. Then, in less than an hour, gone! But then the fun starts again when you re-apply. Very decadent! This is what rich people use just for fun!

I would recommend wearing this the most during the summer months, or better still, if you live somewhere hot. Otherwise it's just pure luxury, but still quite beautiful. Like pure, freshly-squeezed lemonade and ice in an elegant, decadent bottle!
23rd November 2014
Genre: Citrus

This Guerlain offering starts out as a bracing herbal/floral eau de Cologne variant with a suave and suggestive animalic undertone. The zoological note soon resolves into the indolic facet of a very full orange blossom accord that dominates the heart of the fragrance. I believe that it's the roundness and potency of this white flower accord that distinguishes Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat from so many other eau de Cologne formulae. Longevity, as you might imagine, is limited, though the indolic florals do extend this scent's life beyond the 45 minute mark. If you're in the market for a floral take on eau de Cologne, you could do a lot worse than Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat.
13th June 2014
All I can say is WOW how did I miss this wonderful "Eau " for so long.
It is gloriously refreshing and tangy a real wake me up and make me go aroma.

I came upon it by accident,frazzled by shopping stopped by Guerlain counter to buy "La Petite Robe Noire ".
I was so hot and bothered that the assistant spritzed me with with "Cedrats" and I was hooked.
Made me feel light and airy, even though I wasn't......ideal as a day aroma or anytime you are feeling low....lifts the spirits.
23rd December 2012
This is my favourite of the Guerlain colognes (Eau de Guerlain is not a cologne, it is an EDT and Guerlain's answer to Eau d'Hermes and Eau Sauvage - sniff and see) in part because it *is* so fleeting. I want to splash on my cologne early in the morning to help me wake up, or right out of a hot bath/shower to cool off, or at the end of the day to refresh, and I don't want it hanging around and interfering with my *perfume*! This is perfect! It's bright and uplifting, it smells of sunshine, and it goes wonderfully well splashed on with any of the classic Guerlains.
20th June 2012
If perfumery is chemical poetry, this cologne is a single declarative phrase: *Here sparkles cédrat*. Brusque and initially delicious, the lemon-lime blend of the obovoid fruit are sustained by white florals and a mildly fecal musk base that lead the Eau in a drier direction as it wanes, settling on the pith rather than the pulp of this fruit which is known for often being juiceless. While excellent, Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat's successor, Eau de Guerlain, is far superior.
2nd February 2011
Guerlain certainly knows how to do Eaux de Cologne. Here the star is the citron. To me it is almost a soliflore based on Citron: a beautiful scent that is not quite lemon, not quite lime. Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat is an uplifting, refreshing, stimulating and mouthwatering experience. The Eau de Cologne genre is not meant to be long lasting. The eaux are used as part of the bathing ritual, as a base for one's scent of the day, and/or a refreshing pick-me-up through out the day. To complain that an Eau is not long lasting enough is akin to complaining that water is wet. Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat is another triumph in the Guerlain line of Eaux de Cologne.
23rd January 2011
Use a lot and reapply frequently. A waste of money? Definitely not. This is a variant on the eau de cologne genre that distills its essence. The lack of longevity is not a hurdle that can't be overcome; rather, it's a challenge to be met. A definite note of indolic animality is present here, even if orange blossom is not mentioned in the formula. The overwhelming impression is of that odd creature that seems to combine lemon and lime: the citron, called cédrat in French. The reference to fleurs, of course, is the hint that citrus blossom is in the mix.
13th January 2011