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This is billed as a Unisex. IMHO it is not really something that would suit a teenager boy or girl for that matter which seem to be FCUK's target audience. I'd see this more as something for someone in their mid 20s. It isn't even really that fresh. You're left with something weird, but not bad at all, but not what I think it was aimed to be.

It is a fresh citrusy fragrance up front. Blast or oranges and grapefruit up front. How much you apply seems to be the deciding factor here. The orange is initially more powerful. If you apply any more than a usual amount it does a shift to grapefruit. The notes do not seem synthetic at all, leaving you with a very realistic smelling grapefruit if you over apply.

Drydown encompasses what appears to be woods and tobacco and a tad of something spciy like cinnamon (or it could be the woods mixing with what is left of the citrus giving the tobacco note, it is more on the green side, kind of like tobacco you'd notice in Guerlain's Vetiver, but more subdued).

This was not bad stuff. Seems way to masculine for women. If it were more subdued on the citrus side, and didn't have any tobacco note it would be closer to something like 4711 and could then be deemed unisex. Too heavy on the grapefruit, too much tobacco and woods, strikes me as a moderately fresh and albiet different interpretation of a fresh men's fragrance.

Don't know if the Unisex stuff they're selling now is the same, but this is the original circa 1999 that I am in posession of and have reviewed.
15th February 2011
And I agree this was a great fresh one.Why and why did they stop the whole line was well presented, packaged and priced ?????laurent
9th October 2005