Eau de Dior Coloressence Energisante fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, verbena, orange, mint
  • Heart

    • violet, rose, magnolia
  • Base

    • white musk, oakmoss

Latest Reviews of Eau de Dior Coloressence Energisante

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This IS nothing like Dolce Vita. On me, Energisante starts out light and green, and finishes out smelling like tea and honey. I think it was widely distributed only one year (2000). I saw it for sale at a Duty Free in 2002, and picked some up on ebay a year or so ago, but it is tough to find, so I have to pace myself.
14th August 2009
I totally disagree with Scenteur. This is not anything like the Dolce Vitas! This is not too sweet. It is highly green and fresh. It feels like wearing a Margarita. Although this site says that Eau de Dior is still in production, it is not; not even in Paris. It is now extremely hard to find. Some comparable fragrances (although never exactly the same) might be Bulgari Extreme, and Ellen Tracey Imagine Shimmer (this one is also hard to find).
28th October 2006

Similar to Eau de Dolce Vita with a pear blossom note set against soft greens and a light musk in the base. Decent lasting power and sillage, though ultimately, the EdDV is better.
15th January 2006