Eau de Cologne France / Eau France fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, petitgrain, lemon, lime, lavender
  • Heart

    • neroli, orange flower
  • Base

    • musk, vetiver

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So glad to see this one added to the database! I have this in a large splash bottle and this is one of the best classic citrus colognes of our time. I get lemon and something bitter along with a touch of lavender which is not my favorite not with something herbal. But this beauty really comes alive in the hottest weather conditions & it screams CLASSY!

Given the fact that this is a cologne, it does not have the best longevity, but it is appreciated for it's kind. I find that many modern fragrances of this kind have a hard time keeping up with those that were made decades ago. Could it be the ingredients that were once used long before that made the difference? That could possibly be the case. But if you want something casual to wear on the hot humid summer days, look no further! Projection is low, longevity pushing 4 hours that is about it. Try it!
26th December 2013
Shower Power I kinda like it. Lord knows 4711 was a big deal when I was 13 and this is better. Spray the sheets on a hot day and while you're at it spray the poodle, the backs of your knees, your feet and your undies drawer. Keep it in the fridge and spray your salt laden hair, the lobes of your ears and the napkins you've just set the table with. In the morning wash it all off in the shower and reach for your bottle of Noa. You're French, right?Pros: Lingers onCons: The devil made me do it"
12th July 2013

I shall dissent on this one. This is a lemon candy powered eau de cologne at its finest or perhaps worst depending on how you look at it. The opening is a powdery lemonade with some synthetic herbs and that is about it. Unless you really need a big bottle of cologne for cheap, you could do better, much better. If one seeks a similar, but much better concoction, may I suggest Guerlain's Eau de Fleurs de Cedrat.
10th January 2010
At first it seems a classic eau de cologne, fresh and rinvigorating. Later I appreciated the subtle woody notes. The label, with its traditional araldic drawings. is charming and elegant.
28th November 2009
Light, refreshing scent suitable for men and women. This is a "drug store" level eau de cologne like many sold in France but it is good quality for the price and refreshing on a warm summer day.
17th April 2009
Great eau de cologne. a sweet/tarty lemon. Very light, great for summer or really hot days.
12th October 2008
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