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Cartier (2002)

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Reviews of Eau de Cartier Concentrée by Cartier

There are 42 reviews of Eau de Cartier Concentrée by Cartier.

I get a tarty lavender and vetiver with a nice gourmand, anisy orange note.

Eventually it dries down into a sharper lavender/vetiver/patchouli. Maybe it's just a strong green patchouli (since I don't see vetiver listed).

It nicely retains a sweet undertone for contrast. Is that the 'yuzu' note? I don't know but it's somewhat anise like to me. Well done, not my thing but it is a nice scent.
Dec 24, 2020

A tepid thumbs up from me because while I do enjoy it quite a bit, it's nothing exciting or terribly unique and feels heavily synthetic. However, it just smells nice and has good performance.

Really fresh, prominent violet leaf with dry, sweet cedar. The violet leaf is the star during the first few hours while the cedar takes over for the remaining hours. It's very pleasant, clean and inoffensive. Seems unisex to me.

The projection is never big or loud but the longevity is excellent. I can smell this on skin after 24 hours.
Jun 26, 2020

Cartier seemed to jump on the unisex bandwagon a little late in the game with Eau de Cartier (2001), a light cologne-like concoction with a yuzu head and ambery white musk heart. Created by Christine Nagel (years before taking over as head perfumer at Hermès), Eau de Cartier proved successful but drew some complaints for its really poor performance, leading to the creation of Eau de Cartier Concentrée (2002) a year later. This scent is something of a partial misnomer if only because it isn't at eau de toilette concentrée/eau de parfum strength, but rather just at standard eau de toilette strength, which is still stronger than the eau de cologne strength of the first Eau de Cartier. Both the original and the Concentrée version of Eau de Cartier rest at the edge of perception in terms of notes, but the biggest difference between them is the original twinkles in the upper registers of the scent while this stronger iteration flattens out to a plush green floral musk which also is "barely there" but bumps into your mind just a bit more, with "flower field after the rain" vibes similar to Calvin Klein Truth for Men (2002) but minus the resinous base. Later flankers would play with wood or florals more, but when this concentrated version was manifest, the desired effect was still very much a post-90's focus on a blurred accord of nondescript cleanliness.

Eau de Cartier Concentrée opens loudly with a green yuzu and coriander head, floating on trace bits of that dihydromyrcenol "aquatic" smell commonly used at the time, but it quiets down in under a minute. It's a bigger, lovelier push of soft green from the loud top of Eau de Cartier Concentrée compared to the original, which was thinner, more metallic, and a bit more bracing. Gone is this metallic and powdery feel in the original from Eau de Cartier Concentrée, delivering something more akin to green floral musk. Violet leaf dominates the middle phase, shored up by a gentle English lavender, itself an odd choice given Cartier is a French house, but for the best all the same, as a full-rounded French lavender would have been too sweet in a composition like this. The base is obviously white musk in all it's androgynous glory as per the Unisex convention of the time, with a faux amberbris and patchouli with Iso E Super and a touch of a desiccating cedar accord, which keeps Eau de Cartier Concentrée from being too feminine in the base so it retains the unisex appeal. Sillage is moderate and definitely improved from Eau de Cartier but longevity is still somewhat poor despite the upped projection, so this will likely not be an all-day work companion, even if it is inoffensive enough. The Eau de Cartier line in general follows a rather apologetic and ignorable style to begin with, but it's shimmering dewy green opening and soft floral amber and musk base are rather addicting.

I enjoy Eau de Cartier Concentrée as an evening scent mostly, for its comforting sense, and enjoy it much more than the raspy original version, as I see this as a tremendously good relaxing before-bed fragrance much like other light lavender and amber compositions. Eau de Cartier Concentrée certainly isn't the scent I'd say one should start their exploration of the house with, but for an agreeable if ephemeral freshie that smells like spring time in a bottle, this is a solid if slightly uninteresting choice, and can get you through a casual afternoon in a pinch without complaint. This stuff sells in 6.7oz/200ml bottles too, for those who want to apply it liberally enough for day wear, but that's pushing it in my opinion. As an innocuous eau made at a time when "non-fragrance" was doing battle with shrill rattly chemical bombs and early gourmands, this stuff certainly made a much classier and more elegant showing of the style. Plus, you simply gotta love these bottles, with their little acrylic turn-disc mechanisms that stop the spray head in place of a cap, which I find most appealing. Thumbs up for this low-key display of Cartier style, but also not an essential piece to a collection either. Eau de Cartier Concentrée is for fans of soft green musks, and is great for indoors all year round, but only fitting in spring or summer the rest of the time, as something this meek will poof from skin at the first sight of chill.
Oct 21, 2018

I have glided through at least 4 bottles of this delightful fragrance; it is a staple in my wardrobe. It makes me feel light, clean and ready to TCOB! I've also gotten many compliments of the "damn, you smell good" variety while sporting this one. It starts green and cool, and the violet pops up quickly and often. The yuzu gives it a bit of a tart edge, but after about an hour of wear it becomes warm and matte and more musk emerges. Longevity is so-so; I always carry a decant of it with me for a mid-day refresh. (On a funny note, referencing the review from 2013 by findtheriver, someone once DID ask me if I was wearing mosquito repellant!!) Regardless, I love it without reservation!
Apr 7, 2018

This magic forest
Dreams of wood, water and bats
Ev'ry life a sign.
Aug 4, 2017

Easily one of my most favorite Cartier scent (at least in the "unisex" category)!

EdCC is an aromatherapeutic scent for me: The yuzu and violet really shine, giving this a definitely tangy "green" vibe that could be worn by either gender (though I as a man find it to lean slightly towards masculine). It evokes feelings of energy, liveliness, and confidence that inspires me to "carpe diem."

Wish the potion would last longer, though. Carrying a small sample sprayer of EdCC has helped me to refresh it mid-day (the original bottle is a bit large to carry in the pocket, LOL!). Compared to the original spicy Eau de Cartier, I prefer this version. Tastes vary, though, so I'd suggest testing it first to make up your own mind (it's easily available for testing at Nordstrom's and Neiman Marcus). Long live EdCC! ;->
Jan 15, 2017

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