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Eau de Caron is not a typical eau fraiche/eau de cologne/citrus aromatic by any means. While it opens with standard lemon and herbs, it really stands out from the crowd as this has a smoky, resinous, spiced depth courtesy of healthy doses of benzoin, myrrh, and moss.

It opens with far more of an herbal melange as one would expect as well, lots of thyme in this one, rendering it decidedly masculine in its heart. There's something really masculine to me about thyme: it's not only aromatic but has a compelling pungency and leathery undertone. This, with classic Caron carnation and spices, really puts this in the ranks of aromatic leathers that were marketed to the gents at the time.

For oakmoss fiends, you would not be disappointed here: it's in spades in the amber/chypre hybrid base that is vanillic and leathery. Eau de Caron is the forgotten little gem of the house, long discontinued and worthy of rediscovery.
13th July 2022
Eau de Caron is a delightful citrus chypre oriental hybrid. Perfectly calibrated, citrus top notes, lavander, rosemary, superbe oakmoss, lick of civet. In the heart, gentle flowers (jasmine, rose, carnation) soon joined by an ambery vanilla and cedar base.
Superbly blended, absolutely a Caron and totally delightful !!
23rd August 2021

I would classify this one as unisex. It is a common feeling lemony/lavender Eau de Cologne, but for what it is worth...Jicky's got this one beat by a mile.
18th May 2009