Eau Arborante : Tellus fragrance notes

  • Head

    • earth accord, indonesian patchouli
  • Heart

    • cashmeran, lily, costus
  • Base

    • moss, ambroxan, fir balsam, cistus

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Latest Reviews of Eau Arborante : Tellus

A must try for anyone into patchouli...An earthy , damp piney patch...little bits and pieces of other flavors , but the earthy patch is the main focus...in a lot of ways it reminds me of my favorite patch fragrance...OLL Horizon...also , both can be worn today and smell great , but I find that both have a nostalgic days gone by vibe...If I did have any complaint about this fragrance is the mild projection... I wish this was in beast/powerhouse mode...
23rd April 2020
Tellus opens with a deep earthy aroma. Reminds me of mushroom soil, damp leafy forest earth of slowly rotting dead wood, roots and emitting a composted earth aroma. There is a funky rotting scent that is apparent at opening but doesn't last long. This earthy damp composted aroma has bits of green fir resin and moss that coupled with the ambroxan and cistus labdanum base gives the fragrance a very dark masculine incense fougere kind of scent. Tellus is made even bolder and more serious by a big patchouli and gingery costus note. The amber base keeps a mellow warmth that adds a civilized side to the fragrance that feels like a fine woven glenn plaid fabric of damp earth + mossy resin + patchouli + warm amber. A very nice fragrance that stays close to the skin but lasts a long time.
20th March 2017

I like the vibe of this fragrance, my first from Liquides Imaginaires. Has a dark sense about it, but never overshadowing. The patchouli is is more vegetal, but there is an earthy, dirty quality that keeps it from becoming edgy. In the end, I get an earthy amber and patchouli. It is never sharp, but maintains a mustiness to it throughout. Not great, but well done. Thumb neutral.
19th December 2015
A very nice surprise. A super earthy, austere and dry woody-patch driven fragrance with amber facets. It smells haunting and severe but the whole composition is handled with just the right amount of restraint to never result too challenging. The patch note is one of the driest since the one in the infamous M/Mink by Byredo or the original, pre-reformulation, Sombre Negra by Yosh. Woods ar sharp-ish but never overdone while the fragrance preserve an overall resinous vibe that drives it towards balmy territories.

If you like very earthy dry stuff, give this a chance. Probably not groundbreaking but I really like it.

17th May 2015
A boomy, bassy, dusty, terrestrial patchouli bomb. Tellus walks a fine line between dirty and sophisticated, merging cedar with wet soil notes to produce a direct, deep, linear patchouli fragrance. This patchouli leans more green and leafy than chocolatey or mint (directions that patchouli can sometime take) and it's a little smoky and dry, but the soil lends it a delicate petrichor effect (geosmin, I assume). The result is a straightforward, leafy patchouli that doesn't veer into hippie territories and manages to stay rugged while holding a sophisticated pose. It's good, but it's disturbingly similar to Tom Ford's recent Patchouli Absolue and I'd have to give the Tom Ford the edge for refinement and durability. This is solid, though, and definitely worth a sniff if you're after a refined patchouli.
10th April 2015
This is a fantastic perfume.
The smell of smooth, damp earth is the main characteristic of the scent IMO.
I have sprayed only once and could still smell the scent on my skin about 6h later.
Medium sillage, maybe because i didn't spray more than once.
First thing that comes in mind, and stays, is Paco Rabanne pour Homme.
Tellus Rabanne would be a fit name for this beauty.
Love it!

14th March 2015