Eau Arborante : Succus fragrance notes

  • Head

    • italian mandarin, grapefruit, laurel, african rosemary, juniper, cedar leaf
  • Heart

    • indonesian purple ginger, clary sage, black pepper, orchid
  • Base

    • haitian vetiver, texan cedarwood, amber wood, somalian incense, moxalone

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Latest Reviews of Eau Arborante : Succus

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Not bad...an enjoyable little affaiir...a pretty realistic citrusy fruit salad with a touch of greenery and flowers...nice little touch of ginger that seamlessly blends into the general accord...a good casual summer fragrance...its kind of light and airy...settles down on a nice woody base...pretty unique...i can usually find kindred fragrances, but the only comparison that comes to mind is a much mellower, lighter.and more laid back Byredo Pulp...worth at least a sample...you might like it...
15th May 2020
Succus opens with tart slightly sweet citrus that has an airy feel as if it will stay aloft and never be affected by gravity, drifting further into the upper layers of ozone air mixed with sunshine. This melon - grapefruit scent has an odd compatibility with the dry incense and woods aroma that makes a base note counterpart. The fragrance moves through different harmonies of these three elements of grapefruit tartness, sunny melon and scratchy dry woody musk for an interesting combination that is not offensive. It's not offensive but doesn't really stand out either. I don't really smell anything extraordinary in this scent. There is nothing inspiring for me so I initially rated this thumbs down, but after giving it time to come together into a harmony I see the elements do create an atmosphere that is nice and it works. That is to say it smells OK, results could definitely be worse, but I wonder why would someone choose to put this on skin and wear it day after day as an everyday favorite? Not me.

Succus, when evaluated from a full wearing is a palette cleanser kind of fragrance. Like a sorbet of melon and grapefruit that is served to punctuate a pause from other more complicated fragrances. Succus dries down into a slightly more rounded sunny citrus scent that smells like melon and grapefruit with a slight dry woods base. It is not bold or projecting but subtle and sort of cleansing. This is a passable scent that I would rate 2.5 of 5 stars.
22nd February 2017

Tropical fruits with something underneath. Woodsy - spicy base. The tropical effect is not like bubblegum or bathing products for women, so it is well done. What's underneath smells slightly "off" to my nose. The aroma in its totality does not work. Something is missing to make it richer and fuller. Neutral rating.
13th November 2016
A fresh orangey citrus with a herbal touch merges with a drydown that has more herbs with a floral bend. The opening is very nice, but the drydown is less distinct and less interesting. The base with its woodsy and slightly spicy constituents is pleasant.

As far as the performance goes, I get moderate sillage, acceptable projection and six hours of longevity. Pleasant but nothing too interesting. 2.5/5
27th October 2015
An exotic / tropical citrus cocktail paired to sweetish florals and built around a woody-oriental base. It smells better than it sounds but, in the end, could be any fragrance by any other major niche line. Juicy, fruity and kind of tart during the opening, sweet-floral in the middle phase and woody-balmy in the base. In my experience, after the opening notes settle down, it shares echoes with Yves Saint Laurent's infamous Nu. If you like the genre, stick to the latter.
17th May 2015
An intensely realistic and bodied citrus / wood affair with a mandarin orange twist to it. At first, it smells like a carton of orange juice poured over tropical fruits, but it's warmer and more syrupy than the usual crisp / fresh aesthetic that's expected from citrus-dominated perfume. There seems to be a slight rose note hiding out in the background, and the overall effect of the perfume is warm, tart, and cozy.

This is a new accord combination for me – I haven't smelled anything else quite like it in perfumery – and yet it manages to feel oddly familiar at the same time. It smells almost like a gourmet marmalade or a fruit preserve that's doing more than simply making fruit spreadable. The base is a fairly standard sweet oriental affair, but it's tastefully done and doesn't cloy up the rest of the scent. I personally wouldn't wear it, but I'm fascinated by its wine-y, semi-bitter opening that somehow manages to read as a warmed-up bowl of mandarin orange slices. Tropical, bitter, cozy – three descriptors that don't sound like they'd work together, yet they somehow manage to pull it off. For fans of tropical oriental scents, this is definitely worth a sniff.
10th April 2015