Earthtones #2 - Desert Wind fragrance notes

  • Head

    • aldehydes, black pepper
  • Heart

    • bay rum, hydrangea, helional, white lily
  • Base

    • ambergris, dry wood notes, white amber, cedar

Latest Reviews of Earthtones #2 - Desert Wind

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This recreates the sere desert very accurately. This is the desert at sunset, with a cool breeze just starting to cool off the day. It definitely took me back to days in the desert in our Southwest. It starts out very dry, as one might expect, and then the most realistic desert wood note comes to the forefront. Top: aldehydes, black pepper. Heart: bay rum, hydrangea, helonial, white lilly. Base: ambergris, dry wood notes, white amber, cedar.
5th December 2012
Shower gel in the desert? How cruel!
25th May 2011

EARTH TONES #2 or High Desert is a silvery cedar scent that reminds of the smell of Zest bath soap. It is clean and fresh, but not niche enough. It is missing something special in how the various ingredients actually work together.
14th September 2009