Earth Mother 
Dame Perfumery (2017)

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Reviews of Earth Mother by Dame Perfumery

There are 3 reviews of Earth Mother by Dame Perfumery.

This mother is a woman first and foremost. The sage, galbanum, and patchouli keep her grounded and spiritual. The musk, sandalwood and jasmine keeps her sensuality alive. The caramal, amber, and vanilla are all about her warmth and comfort.
Dec 8, 2020

This is a beautiful sweet, musky Patchouli. A quick bite of lemon arrives in the top note and immediately a caramelized musk arrives, joined by a not-at-all dirty Patchouli. Hints of Muguet and Jasmine just slightly come into focus into the drydown, with a creamy sandalwood and amber base.

Perfect for a beautiful spring day!
May 6, 2020

Odd top notes. Sour & sweet. Dirty jasmine in the heart. Moderate galbanum note. It's an outdoorsy scent so far. It's like a bag of herbs a medicine man might wear around his neck. The lemon appears in the heart - not in the top note array. Lily of the valley takes over, stomping over the galbanum, making a slightly brighter floral in the middle.

Sandalwood stands out in the base. Patchouli lumbers in later. EM remains outdoorsy, earthy, and herbal throughout. Three stars.
Jan 8, 2019

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