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Earth by Gap

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Earth is a women's perfume launched in 1994 by Gap

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There are 3 reviews of Earth by Gap.

I actually bought this because I had run out of Grass after it was discontinued, I thought it would be something similar! I definitely smell dry herbs, but more like the tea cabinet of a spotlessly clean friend's kitchen. Unpleasantly soapy at times, definitely smells 'middling' - not aspiring to luxury like Banana Republic, not cheap but workable like Old Navy, but solidly inoffensive and not earthy in the least.

An ingenious concoction. I cook with sage but 'til I read the ingredients, the perfume was a mystery to me. It's an invigorating scent. Have been wearing it since 1994. It is my favorite perfume of all time. It is the mosting invigorating unexpected scent I can think of. Sweet, refreshing (it's got a punch), and addictive. Love it. Can't smell it and not smile.

I actually brought a little spritzer of this stuff with me on a car-camping trip to the Southwest-- where else do you feel closer to the EARTH itself?? It's mostly based on sage. Very androgynous, and not too overpowering for something so inexpensive. I still wear it occasionally and am glad I picked up a bottle of the EDT before they stopped making it.

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