Early American Old Spice for Women 
Shulton (1937)


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Early American Old Spice for Women by Shulton

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Early American Old Spice for Women is a women's perfume launched in 1937 by Shulton

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Reviews of Early American Old Spice for Women by Shulton

There are 4 reviews of Early American Old Spice for Women by Shulton.

Early American Old Spice by Shulton (1937) is the origin of the species for one of America's most-beloved traditional drugstore scent staples, Old Spice. Before it became known as the epitome of masculinity due to the generation that fought World War II using it as part of their grooming routines (since it was in US Army dopp kits), Old Spice was issued as a perfume for women patterned after the potpourri used by the mother of Shulton founder William Lightfoot Shultz. That original formula was used in what was sent to soldiers as well, even though Albert Hauck had perfumed a more "masculine" version for inclusion in the eventual men's version that first appeared in the now-iconic white glass bottles. Come to find out, men liked the Early American Old Spice formula better, so it was quietly switched into bottles sold for men, then Early American Old Spice itself was phased out in the 1950's, in favor of other things pitched at women.

Of course, the formula from there did begin to wander over nearly 50 years of refinement until Proctor & Gamble acquired Shulton, so what's in a bottle of "EAOS" may not smell super alike to what you can buy now, even if you can tell they are in effect the "same" fragrance. Early American feels softer, more natural, plush, and more attention is paid to the powdery floral component that is smothered by spices in current iterations. The usual clove-heavy opening is still there, flanked by soft citruses and lavender. The carnation and cinnamon core is also present, although iris, rose, and geranium is still noticeable. The lavender is especially noticeable in this blend, while the base feels more powdery with real sandalwood, patchouli, and soft nitromusks. Performance is very tenacious, and this is a fuller perfume than modern iterations to be sure, although not necessarily louder. AS for gender, it feels about the same to me, so guys will still dig this stuff.

I think there might have been some slight re-equalization of the formula once it became a strictly-masculine affair, to double-down on spices, woods, and musks, reducing the powder elements, as my 80's vintage bottle of Old Spice from my late father seems to go in this direction more than the Early American Old Spice being reviewed here. All things considered, it is also likely a simpler formula, because I don't see real ambergris being used (if it ever was), nor sandalwood, or anything else costly like orris, since Old Spice had become so mass-market by then that economy of scale would really forbid that sort of thing. Only brands like Guerlain were using real Mysore sandalwood by then, and within another decade's time, not even they would have tenable supplies of the stuff. If nothing else, Early American Old Spice answers the question of "what if a niche version existed", which nobody asks. Thumbs up

Aldelhydic citrus takes as a surprise. Very quickly this "Anchor" of a perfume channels to the Old Spice for Men that reminiscent of the 60's. There is a suggestion to Ambergris that tickles the memory and creates a projection bubble of spiciness ancient.
I am transported back, to a time of my Grandfather.
As is stated by Epapsiou modern production is very pale, flat and is best left unopened.

Stardate: 20160624

This is the Old Spice that should be in your bathroom and not the dross that passes as Old Spice these days for almost the same price.
Ingredients are top notch. I don't know whether there is much difference between this and vintage OS for Men. From memory I don't think so.
Spices (but not spicy), amber, vanilla/tonka , aldehydes all in perfect ratio. In fact, pointers should be taken from EAOS on aldehyde use and not from No. 5.
I don't know why this is not popular here but am happy it is not as it keeps prices down.

Note: This has been discontinued (for a while now) so you will not find it in walmart. Fleabay may be a good way to go.

This is the exact same formula as the original Old Spice by Shulton except it was marketed to women first (and apparently not very popular considering it became the standard of masculinity for decades...). Buy this if you can find. High quality ingredients.

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