Earl Grey Tea 
Demeter Fragrance Library (1996)

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Earl Grey Tea by Demeter Fragrance Library

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Earl Grey Tea is a shared scent launched in 1996 by Demeter Fragrance Library

Reviews of Earl Grey Tea by Demeter Fragrance Library

There are 8 reviews of Earl Grey Tea by Demeter Fragrance Library.

There is no tea in this.

There is a hint of an overly synthetic bergamot in it - the other characteristic ingredient of Earl Grey Tea.

The rest is a nonspecific generic slightly sweet impression of a mildly boozy liquid soap with whiffs of artificial fruitiness at times.

The sillage is soft, the projection limited, and the longevity four hours on my skin.

A spring scent for those who want to avoid Earl Grey Tea. 1.75/5.

I'm really surprised by the Negative reviews for this simple, enjoyable fragrance!

Earl Grey is essentially CK BE for the majority of its moderately short lifespan (I suggest using several sprays, just like with BE, to get the most out of this one). I suppose that this must come from the Bergamot that the two fragrances both share, but to my nose is also a good dose of Peach present in BE but unmentioned in Earl Grey.

This CK BE phase lasts for only a few minutes before the Black Tea notes start to peek through, but for a long time the best imagery I can convey for this fragrance is: spray CK BE on your wrist, smell it for a few minutes while the kettle brews, pour a cup of Lady Grey tea, hold your wrist over the tea while sniffing, then progressively move your wrist further and further away.

A very nice little scent, I bought it on sale for $4 and could not have been happier. Full price? Maybe not so much, but this is one of the better Demeters for sure.

thie perfume does not smell like earl grey at all!it's not even worth to use it as toilet spray! sorry!

I love tea, I quite like earl grey tea so I presumed that I would quite like this. I was wrong the smell reminded me of the 25 year old pot pourri my granny insists on keeping in a ceramic ball in her wardrobe. It really doesnt have that lovely aroma you get from brewing a pot af earl grey.

I'm a coffee kind of guy and I wasn't familiar with Earl Grey Tea, but I was recently gifted with a box of Twinnings of London Earl Grey Tea so I brewed a pot and settled down for this review. Hmmm. The tea has a very nice smell: comforting and invigorating at the same time… bergamot and some sort of black tea, most definitely. Nice... I think I will take up drinking this for the smell alone. Unfortunately, the fragrance doesn't come anywhere near what I'm smell of the Twinning Tea. There's some bergamot in the Demeter, but it's rather a synthetic take on it – actually a little annoying. And since I don't put any lemon in my tea, the lemon in the fragrance is out of place in two ways… the lemon itself and the synthetics of the lemon note. Even the tea note in the fragrance doesn't smell like the tea that I smell in the real Earl Gray Tea, of course I am in no way an expert on tea smells. I think this might be the fastest disappearing Demeter that I've encountered. It's completely gone from my skin in a matter of twenty or thirty minutes. No, I can't recommend this one.

Sometimes the citrus seems too strong that covers up the scent of black tea, but i stomach citrus well. I wouldn't really say it's a truthful representation of what Earl Grey really smells like, but at least 1. it's a copy (for that I can't seem to find any other earl grey scent on the market), 2. surprisingly for Demeter it lasts well (2 hrs and up), and 3. it smells rather dark and bookish...I like it.

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