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Dzhari by Phaedon

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Dzhari is a shared scent launched in 2011 by Phaedon

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There are 5 reviews of Dzhari by Phaedon.

Off-kilter fragrances often don't find an audience, and Dzhari has remained relatively obscure. It was a love at first sniff for me, offering up aromas of a rich sherry and terracotta clay that transport me right back to Spain.

As peculiar as that clay base may be, this remains an easy wear thanks to its gentle presence.

Thumbs up.

This is absolutely stunning.

Smell softly, but carry a big profile.

This is soft, it not pilowly or powdery.

This is dry, but not dusty or choking.

This could easily be a signature fragrance, and can probably be worn just about anytime.

Not chemical or synthetic smelling, and although this is different than any designer fragrance, it is very well blended with quality materials and doesn't seem that it would offend anyone. Yet, this will stand on its own merits.

Lasts all day, lets me know it's still there after 12 hours, but shouldn't be considered loud or inappropriate by others.

FBW for my tastes. 8.5/10

So just received Dzhari; Although I unlike Tabac Rouge, Pure Azure or Rouge Avignon, I must say this stuff is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

Here is the note breakdown:

Date, Essence of Malaga, Tonka bean, Terracotta accord, Cedar, Cashmeran, Sandalwood

Now I am not sure what exactly Terrcotta accord or Essence of Malaga smells like, but they sure do smell good! this fragrance opens with a sweet (sticky or syrupy) airy aroma with the Tonka bean settling underneath and it is magnificent! The performance is above average as you don't need much; a few sprays will definitely do justice while wearing. Now, I don't have the background of knowing what Dates smell like individually, the sweetness I detect in the beginning is definitely due to one thing I assume to be Dates. Also, there is a dry, yet sweet woodiness from the Cedar and Sandalwood that gives this fragrance such depth. Wow, this stuff is amazing! I love it! Dzhari has a boozy quality about it, however different than lets say Speakeasy, even 1270 Frapin boozy!

To give (some) a point of reference, this reminds me a little of Aoud Black Candy by Mancera (sweetness not sharpness), also Vento di Vento from Bois 1920 comes to mind as well (the sharpness not sweetness). Again, just to give a point of reference for those who are trying to figure out what exactly this smells like blind.

Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 7/10
Performance: 7/10
Overall: 7

I really like this; in fact, I love the way this one smells. Yes, there is sweetness but it is not overly sweet to the point of leaning on the feminine side of things, men the woodiness balances things. Very unisex IMHO! I think this will garner many compliments and then some! A very gourmand kind of a fragrance.....scrumptious!

This is quite nice upon application. It's a little bit like AG Musc Nomade in that it is an inviting spicy sheer musky skin scent. I imagine what is being referenced as "date" melts into a warm skin note. After 10 seconds I can barely smell it even with my nose pressed to my skin. Just a few teasing whispers of a nice spicy dirt. And then...................................just the memory and the sound of wind blowing across the empty desert.

I really liked this one, but given there is absolutely nothing to smell after a minute I cannot really recommend this.

I'm starting to wonder if this perfumer uses some super large musk accord in all the launches that I in particular am asomatic to. If so, my apologies for all the negative energy I am sending the perfume company. If not, then this is a very cynical exercise in selling slightly scented alcohol.

A beautiful, complex gourmand from Pierre Guillaume -- a fruit and spice market that isn't in-your-face sweet or sharp. Terrifically balanced, nuanced, and dry, with a hint of smoke at the end and a lovely transparency. Very happy with this one.

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