Dunhill Pursuit fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Mandarin, Yuzu, Pink Pepper
  • Heart

    • Cinnamon, Ambrette seed, spike lavender, Cardamom
  • Base

    • White Cedarwood, Vetiver, Vanilla, Patchouli

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Latest Reviews of Dunhill Pursuit

The fragrance offers slightly better performance compared to Dunhill Custom, and has some complexity to it. However, it does come across as a cheaper, diluted version of The One by D&G, lacking the wow factor. In my opinion, it's not worth getting your hopes up for this one. I would recommend exploring other fragrance options instead.
2nd May 2023
Starts off with a slight bit of tang and pepper (the mandarin, yuzu and pink pepper) - pleasant, certainly not overbearing, but has a bit of bite. Let's call it a 'nibble.'

Dries down quickly, and that process is nice, too, as the tang is tempered by cardamom and ambrette, which softens the punch to a warm, rich nutty vibe. A lot of people seem to get the cinnamon but mostly I get a nutty cardamom warmth, very relaxing. This happens within minutes.

Finally settles into a calming, woody amber/cedar skin scent with a whispy veil of patchouli and spices. Doesn't take long to get here.

It's a fast chameleon, changing its colors quickly, but throughout, it is what I can only describe as a happy, pleasant, calming, comforting aroma that starts brightly spicy and gets richer and more sensual as it goes.

Very mild. I think this could be perfect for combining with other more powerful fragrances in the amber/vanilla/spices department to give it some oomph, but sometimes I'm in the mood for something that is only vaguely there, but still there. This fits that bill.

I actually really like this one. It makes me smile.

(Also VERY affordable and the bottle is unique.)
22nd February 2022

Ambery pink pepper over a flat cwdary base. Feels a bit cheap and synthetic (which it is). It has something a little gingery in the heart. It also has just a hint of that la nuit cardamom/lavendar thing snuck in there. So in the under 20 dollar cheapy category im gonna say neutral. Better than a bland clean nothingness. Performance, not good.
18th June 2019
Has (or more like wants to have) an oriental, classy vibe but ends up smelling utterly synthetic and bland by any standards.

Starts with a spicy mix of highly synthetic yuzu, mandarin and bergamot. This tangy, metallic soup dries down to a tamer and smoky mix of (synthetic) amber and cinnamon.

If you can bare the cheap-smelling beginning notes, the drydown is the best part of this frag. A warm, sweet and balsamic mix of Cedarwood, vetiver and vanilla. Then again, you've probably smelled much better stuff already.

Sillage is moderate for the first half hour and then turns into a skin scent and longevity is moderate leaning towards poor, somewhere around 1/5 hours on my skin.

Overall? Easy pass. I can't see why anybody would prefer this smell over hundreds of better stuff out there. The bottle looks very classy, though.

LONGEVITY: 1/5 hours
SILLAGE: Moderate
21st February 2016
This would be thumbs up if it had better longevity, because no one would say it smells BAD...boring? Ish...but not bad...and only smells for like seconds. Don't "seek" this.
11th July 2015
I used to like this but having revisited I realised it has an impressive, syrupy mandarin opening supported by the yuzu and pink pepper, but after 10 minutes it smells spent. Typical bargain bin filler, opens nice, but quickly descends to the hall of shame.

Credit for the bottle though, nice and heavy with an engraved steel cap. Exceptional for this price segment.

Try Montblanc Exceptionnel for a much better version of what Pursuit is trying to be.
22nd June 2015
really nothing disctincitve about this at all i had to wash it offas a proud owner of a Dunhill briefcase a did feel a bit of brand loyalty but this just offended my senses. I just seems uninspiring and generic if i can use that term. nothing seems to stand out for me and it just seems like any other inexpensive cologne. After a few hours of wearing it i get a faint whiff of something leathery and almost pleasant but its so faint that i can't see the point. you'd have to douse yourself to levels of this stuff which would have got Joan of arc nervous to get a good silage from this bass note. sorry a no from me.Pros: no expensiveCons: no distictive qualities ata ll"
24th September 2013
good notes,poor quality. no projection or sillage. basically a skin scent. some say smooth oriental, it could be a whisper oriental. i dont get because cardamon,vanilla and patchouli usually scream out. maybe the scientista should reformulate this one.
18th January 2013
Didn't care too much for this one. Had that old school vibe going on. Oriental, and a little too spicey. I gave this one away. Strangely, my step son(14 years old) likes this one. That's why he's the new proud owner of it.

The bottle is different, but kind of awkward when spraying.
16th November 2012
A warm smooth oriental. Similar to Biagotti's Roma Uomo. Not Dunhill's best but, it's a nice scent.
5th October 2012
An Italian friend of mine serves a great salad of sliced oranges drizzled in olive oil and ground black pepper. Pursuit reminds me of this--in a good way. Citrusy, peppery and slightly vegetal. That said, I like it without loving it and it certainly does not live up to the great Dunhill's of the past--1934's for men, Edition, Blend 30, etc. It does have a slightly synthetic smell to it with a clean, spicy barbershop vibe to it. Good but not great--which does not stop me from wearing it occasionally. Nice bottle, keeping with Dunhill's recent look and the heaviest silver cap around.
3rd May 2012