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Dunhill (1984)

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Dunhill Edition by Dunhill

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This fresh spicy fragrance is ideal for a distinguished gentleman. Packaged in a stylish black box.

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Reviews of Dunhill Edition by Dunhill

There are 77 reviews of Dunhill Edition by Dunhill.

Dunhill Edition is a beautiful woody aromatic fragrance. It opens with pine, oak-moss, cedar, vetiver and some citrus notes. A somewhat old school yet fresh opening. As it dries-down the geranium, lavender, jasmine come through and blend very nicely to create a nice elegant accord. The nutmeg is in the background adding a little spiciness and the citrus notes also persist. This classic masculine scent is my favourite from the house of Dunhill and I like it even more than the more recent and popular Dunhill Icon. Performance on my skin is good, it lasts most of the day and has moderate projection. Dunhill Edition is elegance and refinement in a bottle. It's probably more suited to warmer months but I think you can get away with it any time of the year and it is fairy versatile. I love the barbershop genre and Dunhill Edition is one of the favourite barbershop scents in my collection. Great scent profile, good performance, good value for money and versatile; everything a good mens fragrance needs to be. 5/5.

A nice everyday spring/summer juice with 6 to 7 hours of longevity. Similar to Oscar For Men (which is better IMO). Citrus, clove, some sweetness with fir and vetiver mingled of my skin. A winner and safe blind buy due to pricing... Enjoy!

Imagine you are in a forest after the rain in fall season.combination of earth,trees and the flowers gives the smell of Dunhill Edition.a perfect combination of nature. classy and timeless.fresh,spicy and aromatic in a very 80's way.one of those gentlenanlike fragrances that makes a mature lady swoon and go weak in the kness.i mean old fashioned gentleman with nice clothes and hat and stick.like Sherlock Holmes.

This is a refined,very elegant scent.just when you think you've grabbed it's bergamot,spicy opening,it turns into the most beautiful floral,woody scent with nutmeg lingering through,then vetiver, cedar base.the combination is mainly between nutmeg and bergamot.it is actually quite a complex scent.this frag is pretty versatile as it is good for office, casual and formal but mainly indoors. very subtle in it's projection but it is a class product that will offend no one.

I have the reformulation and I have never smelled the vintage nor do I care too. This is some quality juice for the price. It's light, manly, spicy and for a gentlemen. From daily, casual to dressy, it's very versatile and can be worn year around.

Longevity is not great so big deal, I carry an atomizer. Silage is perfect for the office. You will get noticed but it's never a punch in the face.

Not bad and surprisingly likable even for a guy who usually only likes modern scents.

Overall, it's a green herbal, woody mature scent that has that 80's feel but there is a soapy freshness and a slight sweetness that makes this pretty wearable even today. The cloves and soapy sweetness have me comparing this to Viking, so there's also that bay rum or Old Spice comparison as well. It's not modern but it still smells nice and is quite manly.

Good performance. I was able to smell this coming off my skin for many hours and it stuck around on skin all day.

Discreet, masculine, quiet, assured. And a bargain. I don't get any sweetness on my skin at all, it seems like a softer and more sophisticated Cacharel PH, getting nutmeg and clove in the drydown.

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