Dubai Jade fragrance notes

    • violet leaf, raspberry, cumin, rose, lily, jasmine, cedarwood, amber, musk, incense, oud, ambrette, birch tar

Latest Reviews of Dubai Jade

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A long lasting fruity incense from beginning to end.

Thumbs up!
24th February 2019
This is a beautiful fragrance. I just wish it was available in a 50ml bottle to make it more affordable.
14th November 2018

The price tags on these Dubai series Bonds are ridiculous, but having said that, I find them to be decent and nicely complex! And since I was able to get a REALLY good deal from a SA at Saks, I purchased this one. Jade is easily the best of the line IMO! The violet, jasmine, and soft cumin show up in the initial stage, and the woody dry down is the thing that really does it for me! The oud and musk are there just enough to not overwhelm the leftover top notes. Came with a very luxurious case and top notch bottle. I'm pleased, but again, I wouldn't have paid the $500 tag if it weren't for the hefty bonuses from the SA.
4th May 2017