Exclusive to Harrods.

Dubai Indigo fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lychee, peach, bergamot
  • Heart

    • orange blossom, jasmine, peony
  • Base

    • white musk, amber, agarwood, oakmoss

Latest Reviews of Dubai Indigo

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Dubai Indigo

Having approximately a dozen and a half wears of this amazing fragrance to evaluate it I wish I could continue to claim this as unisex but alas, no. I'm glad that I sampled this thinking it was. I absolutely love this but I would hesitate wearing in many public situations. Why? I totally expect people to mention that "someone smells beautiful!", expecting that person to be female. In some quarters, raised eyebrows and quizzical looks might be entertaining...but also maybe not...

The lychee/peach makes the initial blast of this so incredibly appealing. The floral middle and the musk base is simply fantastic yet all that together adds up to a much more feminine leaning fragrance.

This is definitely well constructed and well blended. It is so addictive, and one of those scents you will continuously want to sniff on your wrists/arms or whatever application points. It's a beauty, but maybe such that it doesn't qualify as a smart choice for 'the guy in an office' type of situation. Still, very much a thumbs up for Dubai Indigo.
25th August 2020
This stuff is *too* good, makes you say, whoa! Sampled it at Saks Fifth earlier today and I just cant stop sniffing it. I used to say Creed Jardin d'Amalfi was the most beautiful fragrance I've ever put my nose on.. until today. They both have the same brand of breath-taking freshness and sweetness, but I'd say Dubai Indigo leans just a bit more masculine, and is thus more wearable for me. Prominent note that sticks out for me is the peach, and it's very alluring and realistic.

Two thumbs way up- this will soon be a fine addition to my collection.
8th April 2018

To quote a reviewer from another site: "this is the s*it".

Bowl me over & paint me purple!

Indigo is amazing & has an amazing price tag, as do all the Dubai collection. However, I was so impressed with Indigo, I actually returned the one I purchased (unused, of course) and exchanged it for Indigo.

This long lasting, complex blend is neither masculine, nor feminine. It's a chameleon; smelling completely different on all three of us testing the scent. I will also add that as different as it smelled on each person, everyone agreed it was fabulous.

My skin enhanced the peach, jasmine, amber & oak moss combination; creating a chewy, not too sweet, fuzzy soft, almost leathery aroma.

Every other one of my fellow testers brought out different combinations with Indigo. Due to it's price, I absolutely do not advocate blind buying Indigo. Test it on your skin. I think you'll agree; it's the s*itz.
23rd February 2017